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t-shirt neckline hack

Erm, this viral t-shirt neckline hack has just changed everyone’s lives forever

RIP to all the tees I’d have bought if I knew this was a thing

You know when you watch a viral video that fixes a problem you never even knew you had? Well, you’re about to get the mother of all examples of such a moment. I never really thought about how often it well and truly pisses me off that my t-shirt neckline gets baggy after multiple wears and washes. I only start to clock it when my chain necklace falls inside it rather than sitting comfortable on the outside. Or when I’ve found the perfect tee in a vintage shop but the neck is just that little bit too baggy – but enough to put me off buying it. Imagine the scenes of my jaw dropping when I saw this video that went viral on Twitter yesterday, potentially one of the greatest life hacks of the year. Here’s the Twitter viral neckline t-shirt hack that’s going to change your life forever.

The hack basically says that when your t-shirt gets a neckline you don’t like, there’s a simple and free way to sort it. All you have to do is tightly bind your t-shirt’s neckline / collar area with a rubber band and boil a pan of water on the hob. When the water’s boiled dunk the neck in for 30 seconds to a minute. Leave it to rest and dry and you should see the neck has decreased and fits tighter.

I’ve not tried this yet, but it’s blown my mind with possibilities. If this doesn’t work I will delete Twitter forever, I’m so serious.

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