Georgia called Shaq ‘Zack’ on Aftersun as she ‘can’t pronounce it’ and people are fuming

Awkward flashbacks to when she refused to say Kaz’s name on her season

Ex-Islander Georgia Steel called Shaq ‘Zack’ on Love Island Aftersun last night, claiming the reason why is that she can’t pronounce Shaq’s name.

During last night’s episode of Aftersun, Georgia Steel from Love Island season four was talking to host Maya Jama about which Islanders she believes are the strongest couple this season. “My strongest would be Tanya and … Zack”, she says – prompting Maya to say “Tanya and Shaq?”

Georgia then says “I pronounce it Zack because I always get it wrong, so I go with Zack but I know that’s not his name.”

People on Twitter were quite simply not having it. One tweet called Georgia out for it being a microaggression, with one other adding to that by pointing out that she could presumably say Shake Shack.

On her Instagram picture of her Love Island Aftersun post, one viewer commented to Georgia Steel “You can pronounce loyal with two syllables but not Shaq?”, referring to her catchphrase on her season of the show.

Another said “She did the same thing to Kaz on her season. But she’s able to pronounce a more complicated name of white Islanders. It’s giving she only messes up names of Black Islanders, disgusting & vile af. Love Island just keeps getting away with putting people on with microaggressions towards us.”

This refers to when Kaz Crossley and Georgia Steel had drama on their season after Kaz came back from Casa Amor with Josh, and Georgia would constantly refer to her as “Kez” or “Cassie”.


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