I Kissed a Boy reunion

Omg! BBC has just confirmed an I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion is coming

Queen Dannii Minogue is back to host

There are only two more episodes left of the excellent I Kissed a Boy, BBC Three’s gay dating show – a first for the UK and one that’s inaugural season has proven this show was long overdue and there’s no “logistical difficulty” to what is essentially a queer Love Island. That’s not many episodes to wrap up all the drama that’s been booting off – but fear no more. BBC Three has literally just announced that there will be an extra episode, a reunion, due to air. And yep, Ms Dannii Minogue will be back front and centre on hosting duties for the I Kissed a Boy reunion.

What will the reunion be like?

In a press release, BBC Three has given away some tea on what we can expect from the I Kissed a Boy reunion – besides the inevitable explosive drama. It’s going to be a one-off studio special hosted by Dannii Minogue herself, which will see all the gays come back together with Dannii foraging out the latest goss from them. She’ll be wanting to know how their love lives are going, if they’re enjoying their new fame and if there are any lingering connections between the cast of season one.

The reunion will also look back through the highlights of the season and the group will do some party games. Look, one thing we do know is it’s going to be miles better than the yearly slog of the Love Island reunions. So let’s be thankful for small mercies.

I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion airs on BBC Three on Sunday 11th June.


I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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