It’s official: These are the games we’re most hyped for releasing in 2023

Playing Starfield immediately is not a want but a need

Honestly? 2023 is shaping up to be one of my most hyped years in recent memory when it comes to gaming releases. With Hogwarts Legacy and the Dead Space remake kicking the year off majorly, there are still loads of huge upcoming games to be excited for. But what are we all most excited for in the UK? We’ve got you covered. Using Google search data, Fasthosts compiled a list of the top 10 most searched for video games that Brits were Googling in January – and to be honest, we’ve got taste! Here are the 1o most anticipated and biggest game releases for 2023 in the UK.

10. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (18,100 searches)

In 10th and booting off the list is Rocksteady Studio’s new action-adventure Suicide Squad game, which sees players take control of Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and King Shark in an open world. Leaks have also confirmed that it’s going to have a Battle Pass system – a controversial decision that likely boosted searches.

Personally, I’m hyped for this. Not a big superhero fan in general but love this kind of gameplay so I will be purchasing when it drops on Xbox Series S/X, PC and Playstation 5.

9. Minecraft Legends (18,100 searches)

A spin off from the hugely popular Minecraft, and the second spin-off following Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends has an action strategy gameplay style and has a full on plot unlike its home franchise’s sandbox approach. It’s set for release on the 18th April on all gen platforms.

Personally will NOT be playing – Minecraft gives me PTSD of my ex-boyfriend making me play it and I’ve retired my interest. But happy for the rest of you!

8. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (22,200 searches)

Another third person action adventure game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to Fallen Order and has Star Wars fans (of which I am not one) very excited about EA’s commitment to making detailed single player games. It had a slight push back in release date – now expected on April 28th on PS5, PC and Xbox Series S/X.

7. Redfall (27,100)

An Arkane Studios production published by Bethesda, Redfall is an ambitious vampire hunting game that I personally am absolutely quaking in excitement for – this is so up my street, even though it’s first person rather than my preferred third. It’s currently scheduled for release on May 3rd for PC and Xbox.

6. Resident Evil 4 (27,100 searches)

After the hugely successful Resi remakes of the last few years, 4 is next for the reglossing and it’s by far one of the most anticipated game releases of 2o23 in the UK – and it’s getting VR suitability too. It will be released in a month’s time on March 24th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X and PC.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (33,100 searches)

The hype is REAL for the long awaited sequel to Breath of the Wild, and Google searches were so high even before the recent Nintendo Direct that finally gave us all a look at what we could expect that it’s still in the top five most anticipated game releases of 2023 in the UK. Nintendo’s power! It’s releasing on the Nintendo Switch on May 12th.

4. Dead Island 2 (33,100 searches)

most anticipated game releases 2023

We all remember where we were when we watched the Dead Island original game trailer for the first time. WOW. Nine years of development later, the sequel’s finally nearly here to the zombie fighting mayhem and takes place in LA. It’s still in first person and has four different playable characters. Switch aside, it’s out on all other platforms on April 21st.

3. Skull and Bones (33,100 searches)

most anticipated game releases 2023

Skull and Bones is Ubisoft’s tactical RPG ship battle game set in an open world, and it’s due for release sometime this year or maybe even early next. It got revealed five years ago now, and the delays and issues have ended up with the game becoming a bit of a laughing stock. Safe to say I’ll be giving this one a miss.

2. Sons of the Forest (60,500 searches)

most anticipated game releases 2023

A scary one – Sons of the Forest is out today (Feb 23rd) on PC for early access and is the sequel to The Forest. It tasks players with surviving on an island when hunting for a missing billionaire against cannibals and mutants.

1. Starfield (90,500 searches)

most anticipated game releases 2023

Any game described as ‘Skyrim in space’ is the kind of game that has me salivating with excitement, and I am PERCHED for the release of Starfield. It’s Bethesda’s (the developers behind Elder Scrolls and Fallout) first original IP in 25 years, which is mad. It’s mega ambitious and mysterious – apparently there are 1000 planets to explore. I can’t wait to get stuck in when it releases sometime this year. It’s by far one of the most anticipated game releases of 2023 in the UK.

Search data via Fasthosts.

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