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Paul C Brunson has spoken out about the trolling of the MAFS UK cast on Instagram

‘It’s natural to have opinions, but the line is crossed’

Paul C Brunson, one of the three relationship experts presiding over Married at First Sight UK, has spoken out on Instagram in response the the MAFS 2023 cast causing controversy and headlines and receiving a heady amount of trolling online because of it.

In an Instagram story post now widely shared by the cast, Paul C Brunson boasted of the show’s success whilst also reminding viewers these are real people. “The recent series of MAFS UK has surpassed all viewing expectations, consistently ranking in the top three amongst all streamed shows in the UK – rivalling big players like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu.

“With this surge in viewership comes a flood of opinions about the cast. It’s natural to have opinions, but the line is crossed when these morph into harmful public speech, especially on the cast’s personal accounts. The oft-heard justification ‘well, they signed up for this’ misses the mark. Yes, they signed up to be on TV – but not for verbal abuse. Being on a show like MAFS UK demands a high degree of vulnerability; these are real people with families who feel the sting of malicious comments. It’s okay to have an opinion, to critique, but hate speech is unacceptable.

“I encourage you to speak up against such behaviour, helping to create a respectful conversation around the show. Every time someone calls out negativity, it makes a difference – leading to a friendlier and more understanding community for us all.”

Paul Brunson speaking out on the MAFS UK trolling was widely shared by the cast last night, notably from departing brides Bianca and Ella who were in the middle of a lot of drama last night following the Ella and JJ flirting saga that saw Nathanial quit and all four of them leave following the commitment ceremony. Ella has been open about the transphobic abuse she’s been getting since – which is not okay.

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