A rundown of the other events House of Illuminati put on before the Glasgow Wonka fiasco

They do weddings if anyone fancies it

All eyes are currently on events company House of Illuminati, who has found itself going viral after the disastrous fiasco of the now infamous Glasgow Willy Wonka experience. But what kind of events exactly do House of Illuminati put on as a company, and what did they do before all this backlash? Here’s your guide to the mysterious (and quite dubiously named) House of Illuminati.

The organiser is Billy Coull, and look: he’s sorry

The organiser of the Wonka fiasco was Billy Coull, and according to Companies House he is the director of the entire House of Illuminati Ltd company.

He’s grovelled over how the Wonka experience has gone down, speaking to STV news: “I’m really shocked that the event had fallen short of the expectations of people on paper. My vision of the artistic rendition of a well known book didn’t come to fruition. For that I am absolutely truly and utterly sorry.

“There was every intention to hold the event, from the pictures, despite not being in the best light hopefully you’ll be able to see that there was every intention to hold the event. Unfortunately there was unforeseen circumstances and the event didn’t come to light.

“These issues were technological in nature. We had ordered a holographic paper that didn’t arrive on time. The holographic technology in itself is absolutely fabulous technology and unfortunately there was a delay in postage.”

The kind of events House of Illuminati put on, according to the website

According to its site, House of Illuminati put on “extraordinary events and immersive experiences.”

“Welcome to the House of Illuminati, a realm where fantasy and reality converge to create unparalleled immersive experiences. Our journey is fueled by a passion for blending art, technology, and storytelling into unforgettable events. From avant-garde performances to grand interactive galas, each event is a meticulously crafted adventure, designed to evoke wonder and inspire the imagination. At the House of Illuminati, we’re not just organizing events; we’re crafting extraordinary experiences that linger in your memories, inviting you to explore the extraordinary and step beyond the ordinary.”

These events include:

  • Mystique Galas – masked ballroom dancing, lavish attire and high-attire.
  • Avant-garde Art – guests invited to “explore the boundaries of art and perception.”
  • Interactive theatre experiences – where guests “become part of the story”.
  • Techno-Mythical – Where the company fuses “the mythical with technology”.
  • Secret Soirees – held in undisclosed locations.
  • Enchanted retreats – focussed on wellness.

All these events are advertises with AI generated images.

Via House of Illuminati

The events pictures seem to just have a lot of hanging silks. The company says they exist to celebrate every milestone, whether that be a birthday or anniversary.

Via House of Illuminati

The above is filed under a before and after. The company’s Facebook page, where the Wonka event was advertised, has no pictures on it.

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