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MAFS UK is looking for more LGBTQ+ people on next season and you can apply right now!

Let’s get some regional queers on the telly

If you weren’t watching Married at First Sight UK last year, I’m sure it didn’t take you long before you were kicking yourself for not getting stuck right in to what was one of the most iconic British reality TV shows we’ve had in a millennia. The drama was relentless, the cast were amazing and through all the sagas some actual love blossomed along the way. It wasn’t lost on me that for a show about marriage – an institution of which has always belonged innately to straight people, leaving us LGBTQ folk scrabbling for equality and the right to say “I do” equally – the real winners were queer couple Jenna and Zoe. Jenna and Zoe being the only two to make it from last season of MAFS UK makes making sure we get more queer people to apply for the next one even more important.

As we watch our rights get rolled back and as the right wing media stokes the culture wars for their own ends, being visible on TV has never been more important. And Channel 4 are looking to cast more LGBTQ people on MAFS UK, and you can apply right now. It takes hardly any time at all, and you can get started here.

If you didn’t know, the marriage in MAFS UK weddings aren’t legally binding so if you apply and aren’t feeling it you don’t have to be in your messy divorce era. That being said, they’re after people who are going to fully commit to the experience! We need to get regional queer voices on the telly – look how legendary Adrian and Thomas were last year. More of it. More diversity, more northern accents and more LGBTQ representation. Get us out there!

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