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‘You can cry about being second place’: Luxx on Drag Race fans thinking she’s cocky

‘When people who look and act like me are given a platform, they’re deemed as the negative or the aggressor’

Luxx Noir London has responded to claims she’s cocky on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 in the best way possible – being unapologetically proud of her unwavering confidence.

Speaking at a viewing party at Roscoe’s Tavern – which, honestly, if you aren’t tuning in for, you’re only getting half the story – Luxx said “In the beginning of the season, when I would do well in Untucked, I was never coming back like ‘Oh my god, I did amazing, the judges were gagging over me.’ I would be like ‘Yeah, I did a good job’ and people would still think I was being cocky or whatever. In the beginning, I knew how I could come off so I was trying to underplay how well I was doing. But towards the end I was like actually no, I’m doing amazing. And if you don’t like that, you can cry about being second place.


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“I had a big feeling about how I would be perceived, and it is pretty accurate. People think I’m a bitch, I’m cocky, I’m delusional – and they’re absolutely right, and they should feel those things. I know a lot of the time when people who look like me and act like me are given the platform to look like me and act like me, they are deemed as the negative or the aggressor, or that they shouldn’t think that they’re the best person in the room or amazing at what they do. So I knew people would be like ‘She’s this, she’s that’ – but keep thinking it, because it got me here today.”

A pretty great mic drop moment from a queen who has been so compelling all season thanks to her unwavering confidence and vibe. I just know Luxx Noir London is gonna SLAY the Drag Race rumix this week alongside Mistress, Sasha Colby and Anetra in the top four of season 15.

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