Meet Mia Goth, the baby-voiced horror movie icon Twitter and TikTok are obsessed with

She’s dominating the cinema in Pearl and Infinity Pool right now

Before I am a British citizen, I am a stan of Mia f*cking Goth. I do not like to throw out the word superstar lightly, but she really is one – completely and utterly captivating, full of quirks and a stupid accent that makes her stand out from her contemporaries and has garnered her a fierce following of fans of universal critical acclaim. Her choice of films and projects too makes her even more interesting, and if you’re seeing her all over your social media (she goes viral every other week at this point) you might be wondering who Mia Goth is and why the socials are hooked on her. Here’s all you need to know on who Mia Goth is, her films and why she’s such hot property in cinema right now.

Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth – yep, that’s her real name

When you’re born with a name like that, you simply can only be destined for greatness. Mia Goth was born in Southwark, but growing up she lived between Brazil and Canada (her mum is Brazilian and her dad’s Canadian) before moving back to the UK when she was five. She lived in southeast London and worked as a waitress before making it as an actor.

She’s married to Shia LaBeouf  (don’t want to talk about it). She married him in 2016, filed for divorce in 2018 and now is back with him with wedding rings back on. Mia gave birth to their daughter in March 2022 – a bizarre thing to think of because in my head Mia Goth is barely more than a teenager. Blame the iconic baby voice.


Mia Goth has starred in some iconic films. Her first movie was Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac – a bit of a wild start to a film career. Since then, she’s gone on to star in acclaimed genre films like The Survivalist, A Cure For Wellness and the absolutely astonishing Suspiria remake.

The big breakthrough

The big breakthrough

“I’m a star!!!!”

Next up came Infinity Pool, the Brandon Cronenberg body horror starring Mia opposite Alexander Skarsgard and due to weird release patterns in the UK Pearl and Infinity Pool are both showing simultaneously in the cinema. The Goth domination never tires!

Mia Goth has gone viral again for her performance in Infinity Pool. I mean, look at the material.

The way I am shaking.

Viral queen

You barely need to swipe on Twitter and TikTok to come across Mia Goth giving it the big guns in fancams made by fans who just cannot get enough of her – it’s fantastic.

The future is now for Mia and I am literally dying for whatever comes next – mostly the X sequel MaXXXine. Give that to me NOW, even if just for the memes.



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