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Black Mirror Joan Is Awful joke

People are starting to clock a silly little joke hidden in Black Mirror’s Joan Is Awful

Feel 12 years old laughing at this

Joan Is Awful is a big Black Mirror episode with a lot of moving parts – so it’s easy to get swept up in its chaos and miss all the hidden nods, references and stupid jokes that Charlie Brooker has crammed into it. It’s one of the best episodes off the season but for sure one of the most convoluted. But with all the twists and the chaos, there’s still room to hide a silly little joke amongst the antics so those of us with a child deep inside of us can laugh immaturely. Here’s where the hidden joke in Black Mirror Joan Is Awful is hiding.

Get your calculator out

Remember in school when if you used to be able to type out boobs or boobies on your calculate depending what numbers you entered? Well, there we are. When Joan is arrested after the chaos she causes at the wedding the numbers on her board literally read out boobs. Well, 80085. But that’s boobs, according to Reddit.

So yes, the Joan Is Awful Black Mirror hidden joke is not the most mature laugh of the day, but there’s no way this is unintentional. Funnily enough, the Reddit where the joke was revealed has been marked as NSFW – just in case the innuendo numbers are too much for your workplace to cope with. Very thoughtful.

I personally think they should have gone the whole hog and had BOOBIES but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I see you Charlie Brooker, I see y0u.

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