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All the moments that made last night’s The Traitors one the best reality TV episodes ever

The funeral choir changed my life forever

The Traitors is a cultural phenomenon that never has a bad episode in the bunch, but last night BBC aired an episode that not only transcended the usual high benchmark of Traitors episodes, but pushed reality TV to newly acclaimed heights across the board. Many had trepidations that season two of the hit franchise would hit the lofty peak that season one did, with it not having that element of surprise and fresh out the box newness to its format. Any critics were well and truly quelled with episode seven – which launched week three of the second season and gave us all an unrelenting hour of perfect TV. But what made it so special? Here are all the moments that made The Traitors best episode one for the history books.

A little context if you care to listen

To ensure you understand exactly why this episode hit as impactful as it did, the above quote from RAYE’s Escapism is needed. The last episode culminated in the Traitors having the tense task of handing out a poison chalice and murdering in plain sight. After much faffing, Miles handed the glass to fan fave and resident gay icon Diane – but the episode left us on a cliffhanger to see whether Diane actually died or not.

Did she take a sip? Did the Traitors get away with it? The week has been a spiral of chaos for all as we predicted the outcome – but none of us could have predicted the next episode of The Traitors would be its best ever.

The breakfast

Diane has been murdered, to our dismay – but not instantly. That reveal comes to the rest of the group later. Breakfast starts as normal, with Diane right there. The Traitors don’t know this, which means they enter and have to hide their shock that she’s sat there with a croissant. Miles did not manage this assignment, and history was made with then funniest reaction face imaginable. I’m creasing.

The fact the mission wasn’t some CBBC nonsense and it actually mattered

One of the key reasons this episode was so great was that we didn’t have to endure some stupid physical task and the mission was high camp, high theatrics DRAMA that was integral to the whole episode and the one before it. There was no middle episode lull like usual, just full funeral dramatics complete with a camp choir.

Diane leading her own funeral procession without knowing