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Peggy had to quit her day job after MAFS UK because the stress was making her ill

She said she had to quit for ‘the good of her health’

Married at First Sight’s Peggy says after filming MAFS UK and going back to her day job, she had to quit after falling ill from the stress and needing to leave work for the good of her health.

Peggy, who has been married to Georges on the show and is currently embroiled in a tense saga over him having the nerve to squat on Twitch. The two have been rowing about it constantly, with Peggy even storming out of their apartment this week.

Before MAFS UK, Peggy was working as a technology research partner. But after filming, she’s quit her career. Speaking to OK Magazine, Peggy said “My old job was making me ill. I hadn’t had a period in four years because of stress with my job. It’s hard and you get comments online like, ‘She looks pregnant,’ and I’m like, ‘I would love to be pregnant because I don’t know if I can have children at the moment, you know?’”

In a big switch of vibes, Peggy has decided to instead setup her own business, called Off The Peg. Off The Peg resells unique clothes. Of course, now she’s been on MAFS UK and got a big increase in following, Peggy will likely be getting up to the usual post reality TV show influencer antics. And who wouldn’t? Get your bag.

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