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Inside the iconic sisterhood of queens who came fifth on Drag Race

This is a place for legends

There’s something hallowed about placing fifth on Drag Race. No one quite knows why, but this sisterhood of Ru girls who fall at the hurdle just before the top four are some of the most iconic to ever grace the franchise. Coming fifth on Drag Race is kind of like not winning The X Factor – you’ll end up going on tour and will release a single loved only by gays. Why a queen comes fifth varies – sometimes it’s deserved, sometimes it causes international outrage and uproar. Here are 12 fifth place queens from Drag Race, as a showcase for how that position in the race is a place for legends.


The original fifth place queen should have honestly been top three. How the hell Ongina came fifth and Rebecca Glasscock came third I will never know – but it’s kept me up at night for years. Set the bar for outrage when it comes to fan faves getting the boot at fifth. Legend.

Pandora Boxx

fifth place Drag Race queens

Whilst she’s never been my cup of tea, Pandora Boxx has carved her place into the Drag Race royalty sisterhood and she came fifth on her original season. Despite being on three seasons, Pandora Boxx has never won a single challenge – but she’s become a fan fave despite that an had many viewers gutted to see her leave fifth on season two and last on AS1.

Coco Montrese

fifth place Drag Race queens

Oh, I’m not joking bitch! That’s mother right there, I love Coco Montrese so much and she’s one of those Ru girls that is truly a PERFORMER. I don’t think she deserved to place any higher than fifth on her season, but she’s truly one of the most iconic queens in this list.


fifth place Drag Race queens

One 0f the most formidable queens on this fifth place Drag Race placers list, Ben came fifth on season six but could have won All Stars 3 if she hadn’t eliminated herself and made Drag Race herstory in the process. Needs no introduction. A GOAT queen.


fifth place Drag Race queens

It’s quite the iconic journey to get told to sashay away first but by uttering the immortal words of “Miss Vanjie” as you walk backwards solidify yourself for life in the Drag Race herstory books, and then stroll back into the next season because Ru loves you so much and end up coming fifth. The fifth place queens of Drag Race hall of fame stays winning.

Heidi N Closet

Heidi represents those fifth placers who everyone is absolutely in love with but can’t win because their drag just isn’t quite elevated enough at the time of competing (not my personal words, but in the eyes of the judges). Like what an icon, and one of many fifth placers who are also Miss Congeniality!


Don’t even have to ask for it for me to get it
When you see my ass in this, I charge credit
Your dad drops stacks on this and don’t forget it
He’s tryna find my pussy pics up on Reddit
Gloss on the blunt, ain’t sorry it’s Fenty
Don’t mean to stunt but we stuntin’, plenty
End of the night and your bank account empty
Yeah, LemYanka own 2020
It’s like BFF necklace, VIP guest list
Leavin’ boys breathless when we get reckless
Smile is infectious, roll up in a Lexus
Me and my girl come through, let’s get this…

Blu Hydrangea

Sometimes you place fifth on your season and then come back and become the first ever Queen of the Mothertucking World. Life really do be like that.


fifth place Drag Race queens

It is simply criminal the entirety of the United Kingdolls were not the top four of Drag Race UK season two. How Ellie Diamond, who we wish well, placed higher than the queen who designed THIS… beyond belief.

Juriji Der Klee

The most beautiful queen to ever live, if we’re being real.

Loosey LaDuca