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Michelle Keegan transformation

From Corrie to Netflix queen: The wild transformation of Michelle Keegan over the years

Never forget the Tina McIntyre roots

Michelle Keegan is, as far as I’m concerned, a national treasure. Her first ever scene on Coronation St is burned into my memory – as she went toe to toe with Gail Platt. She just has the x-factor. Watchable beyond belief, gorgeous and good northern vibes… How can you not stan? Her trajectory from soap icon to big series mainstay has been the stuff actor’s dream about – and over the years Michelle Keegan has been in the public eye her transformation has been drastic. Here’s a look back over how she’s evolved through the years.

As Tina on Coronation St

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Real ones will simply never forget Michelle Keegan as an instant Coronation Street icon – as Tina McIntyre. She was Gail’s nemesis, then become the girlfriend of David Platt whilst Gail dated her father Joe. It made Michelle Keegan a household name. When Michelle Keegan announced she’d be departing Corrie, her departing storyline saw her be murdered by Rob Donovan. Savage.

Household name era

Thanks to Coronation Street, The Keegs was the name on everyone’s lips. Instant legend. She looks like such a baby I can’t believe it!

Relationship with Max George from The Wanted

In 2011 – Michelle Keegan was a bonafide It Girl. She was never out of the papers – especially when spotted with her boyfriend fella Max George who was at that time making it big with The Wanted. Glad You Came, etc, etc. They dated from 2010-2012 and were briefly engaged.

Our Girl!


Michelle Keegan landed a big booking when she was cast as Georgie Lane in Our Girl, season two to season four. Originally Lacey Turner played the lead – but she was written out at the end of season on and The Keegan took over at the helm. Her first brush with playing military before Fool Me Once.

Marrying Mark Wright

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Here’s where the Michelle Keegan transformation hits the stride of the girl we think of when we think of her. Pictured above in 2019, Michelle Keegan has been in a long term relationship with TOWIE fella Mark Wright since 2013. They married in 2015 and are still thriving today!

Brassic era

Michelle Keegan transformation

Michelle Keegan has played the main role of Erin on Brassic since 2019. Brassic is written by Danny Brocklehurst – who also adapted Fool Me Once from Harlan Coben’s book for Netflix this year and which also stars Michelle Keegan as the lead. Weirdly enough, Michelle Keegan and Danny Brocklehurst are both from Stockport – and so am I. My surname is also Brocklehurst, but me and Danny aren’t related. He was, however, in my mum’s year at school – who then went on to marry a Brocklehurst. Fun anecdotal web for you all there.

Fool Me Once era – Netflix legend

What a start to 2024 – Michelle Keegan is smashing records in Fool Me Once on Netflix, where she plays Maya. She looks miles apart from how she started her career in Coronation St – a true glam diva. Love it for her.

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