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Trish from Big Brother just revealed Porscha from MAFS UK is actually her cousin

A reality TV world collision I wasn’t ready for

In the most random reveal of all time that I certainly was not ready for, two huge characters of 2023 reality TV have actually just revealed that they’re cousins. Trish Balusa, a fan favourite housemate from the ITV relaunch of Big Brother who shockingly got evicted right before the final, and controversial Married at First Sight UK bride Porscha Pernelle who caused MAFS chaos with her kick offs with groom Terence are related. Wild.

Posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, Trish Balusa shared with her fans that she’d been on a TikTok live where her former housemates Kerry, Hallie and Farida all joined and she got to make some amends with Farida and apologise for a disagreement they’d had. She also ended up going live with Porscha from MAFS UK – who she then shared is actually her cousin.

One fan then replied to Trish, gobsmacked at the news saying “Porscha is your cousin – Trish you can’t just randomly drop this bombshell on us”, to which Trish confirmed “She really is, I actually don’t know how else to drop it but it’s true.”

Porscha and Trish both have caused some drama in their stints on Big Brother and MAFS UK  this year. Porscha had a very volatile relationship with her match on the show and went down poorly with fans, whereas Trish divided audiences and the house.

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