The Idol six episodes

Wait… Did HBO cut The Idol short by an episode because of all the backlash?

Six episodes were ordered, but only five are going to air

There’s been more than enough drama surrounding The Idol on HBO, more than some shows would get in their lifetime and with good reason. But now there’s another controversy surrounding it as people speculate that HBO canned the sixth episode of the show as everyone clocks there will now only be five of the programme. Here’s why there is actually only five episodes of The Idol instead of six.

It’s just an urban legend, guys

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that after all the bad critical reception and scathing reviews of The Weeknd’s acting that HBO might have just pulled the plug on a sixth episode before things get any worse, but the truth is actually a lot more boring and logistical. Before all the drama, The Idol was ordered from HBO for a six episode season and had Amy Seimetz at the helm of it all. Seimetz quit the show in April 2022 and Sam Levinson came aboard, fresh from Euphoria, and revamped the show’s tone and style alongside The Weeknd.

Rolling Stone published their big article expose calling it twisted torture porn, and the backlash began. When The Idol premiered at Cannes it was announced as a five episode series – so no dramatic twist of fate according to the backlash and no missing episode. The Idol just changed from a six episodes show to five when the reshuffle between Seimetz and Levinson happened. Second season anyone? Didn’t think so.


The Idol is streaming on Now TV.

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