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‘They f*ck with people’s lives’: Yvie Oddly has blasted Drag Race on Twitter

She claims ‘They took over a year to pay me my winnings because they conveniently kept forgetting they owed me $100k’

Drag Race season 11 winner Yvie Oddly has blasted All Stars 8 in a series of tweets which see the All Stars 7 legend call out producers, who she says are often “capitalist culture thieves” in a scathing thread.

Yvie Oddly aired her thoughts on the Drag Race franchise, saying “Catching up on AS8 and I have two thoughts. One, these queens are remarkable! The drag artists are and have ALWAYS been the lifeblood of what makes this franchise great. All of the things we love: the looks, the catchphrases, the memes, the drama – it all comes from the queens.

“Two: The producers are often the greediest, most calculation, capitalist culture thieves. They fuck with people’s lives, career opportunities and health. They drive themselves home in their luxury cars when their contestants are sleep-deprived, depressed and DRASTICALLY underpaid for their contributions to the cultural phenomenon.

“Then they tell themselves they’re good people for showcasing queer content and creating opportunities for us while ignoring the irreparable damage they cause, and creating a chokehold monopoly on how drag artists can succeed.”

Yvie Oddly then continued, calling out the show for never casting a drag king across the franchise in its entire history: “Ask any of the drag kings who’ve never been cast. Or the trans contestants who were barred from being themselves until a few years ago when they realised how lucrative that representation was in the culture wars.

“PS, they took over a year to pay me my winnings because they conveniently kept forgetting the owed me 100k.”

Finishing up her points, Yvie said “Let me be clear: I am so so SO thankful for Drag Race! That show changed my life LONG before I was ever a part of its fiber, but I’m hopeful for a future where queer people have opportunities to flourish outside of a fake competition to make a few rich old gays richer.”

The Tab has reached out to World of Wonder for comment.

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