MAFS UK 2023 ages

A full rundown of all the ages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

They’re officially the youngest and coolest cast the show’s ever had

Last night, MAFS UK came back on our screens and it’s already getting spicy with the usual bitchy Married at First Sight drama and tears – also known as, Laura flipping her lid because her groom isn’t from Chelsea. Now we know the cast and we’ve seen them all make their big entrances, you might have been sat there thinking, like me, god – this cast is young. And to be honest they are – I’m fairly certain this is the youngest cast they’ve had yet. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of all the MAFS UK cast of 2023 and their ages on the show.

Arthur Poremba – 34

We saw Arthur marry Laura in last night’s episode, for better or for worse. He’s 34, and moved over to the UK when he was 16 from his native Poland.

Brad Skelly – 27

I have absolutely no clue how me and this man are the same age. Not that he looks old or haggard but more the fact I feel about 21 in my head.

Georges Bert – 30

I am actually falling in love with this man. Nothing to do with him or his age, sorry, just an anecdote I thought you might enjoy.

Luke Worley – 30

The quick witted lad who married Jay last night in a wholesome ceremony is 30 years old.

Nathanial Valentino – 36

Nathanial’s 36, and I’m honestly shocked? He looks about 25, I reckon. But to be fair, he’s been on a fair few reality shows before this so maybe I should have been wiser to the fact he’d be a bit older.

Paul Liba – 26

Paul’s a boxer, a footballer and a general gym head – so that’s why he has the body of a MAN even though he’s 26. The youngest of all the lads on the show this year.

Terence Edwards – 40 

Youth worker and DJ Terence is 40 – the oldest of all the grooms ages in MAFS UK 2023.

Thomas Kriaras – 27

Animal lover Thomas is 27.

Ella Clark – 29

Ella, the show’s first trans bride, is 29. And doesn’t give a shit if you’ve got anything to say about her living with her nan at that big age. I would if I could!

Jay Howard – 31

The northern icon herself who married Luke in the premiere last night is 31.

Laura Vaughan – 34

Professional Chelsea fanatic Laura is 34. Of all the girls in the cast, she’s the only divorcee. Arthur might be her second unless he starts pretending he’s from Chelsea as soon as possible.

Peggy Rose – 32

We haven’t seen a whole let of Peggy yet, but the technology risk partner is 32.

Porscha Pernnelle – 36

Okay, bit shook on this one considering she literally looks about 23 but Porscha is 36? Get it, girl.

Rosaline Darlington – 29

Crewe’s very own Rosaline is 29 years old, and her Insta is full of snaps with her nieces and nephews. It’s v v v cute.

Shona Manderson – 31

Performing arts teacher Shona is 31, and she slays the absolute hell out of her Instagram too whilst we’re here.

Tasha Jay – 25

The youngest bride this year is Tasha, who’s 25. If the sunglasses didn’t make it clear enough, she’s an absolute vibe.

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