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Break your heart all over again with these 20 Bill and Frank from The Last of Us memes

I’m actually sobbing

This week’s third episode of The Last of Us hit harder than any of us could even have imagined – and even those that played the game and had a bit of an inkling about where the show was going to take the Bill and Frank storyline were not expecting to be taken on that journey of amazing writing, heart-in-mouth direction, and truly masterful acting. Everyone was straight onto Twitter to talk about Bill and Frank, and here’s a round up of the best memes from last night’s 10/10, surely destined for an Emmy episode of The Last of Us.

1. This feels a bit like the Sue Sylvester toxic meme

2. This is ridiculously accurate hahaha

3. Nah I need a cuddle right now

4. Give them a full spin off season right now I’m so serious

5. I’m down bad


7. No beef just bawling

— ⧗ (@waltersndanvers) January 30, 2023

— elly (@wizardjarin) January 30, 2023

9. Pedro Pascal can call me ANY TIME – day or night

10. Please let me cry in peace


12. No this is Patrick

13. Me neither x

14. Why is literally rounding up these Bill and Frank Last of Us memes making me cry again?

15. Nah it’s the ‘I’m satisfied’

16.  And they just expected me to be normal

17. True tbh thank god for that

18. This show hopefully just changed these dad’s lives

19. Get it on Spotify NOW


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