Fortnite summer update 2023

Everything new coming to Fortnite today in the big summer update of 2023

New shotgun alert!

Today is the day we get the Fortnite summer update for 2023 – an annual batch of vibey sun-tinged skins and gaming tweaks that make your island feel like a little resort. After last year’s badly received summer update, all eyes are on Epic Games this morning to see if they can pull it back this year. Here’s everything that’s been added to the game in this morning’s Fortnite summer 2023 update as the leakers drop the info – make sure to keep checking in for new stuff as and when we see it.

Breezabelle is the July crew!

I love her personally. I’m stanning three different colour styles even if that pickaxe is a bit evil.

Erisa quest pack from the survey!

A summery, tennis Erisa was teased in a survey and people thought it was coming as the July crew pack – it’s actually a new quest pack, and looks like it’s going to be super popular in lobbies. She also has the option to turn cell shading off which I hope is just standard now going forward for these skins!

Encrypted Elder Scrolls pack?

One of the eight encrypted files this update includes this skin, with a full set, that people in the replies are saying is a collaboratio with Elder Scrolls!


A new pump action shotgun has been added into the game that has a tight spread and long effective range. Can’t wait to give this a try.

Explosive rifle?

The explosive rifle fires explosive rounds which is exciting but I’m nervous this is gonna be OP. Can’t wait to spam everyone and win!

Ruby and Opal bundle

Ruby’s got a pastel edit style and a new pal in a bundle called Opal. The girlies are in their summer era, for real.

Slap Splashes are here!

The slap splash is perfect for squads – replenishing your adrenaline bar for your sprint and healing your whole team. This one’s been in the works for a while.

Baguette pickaxe?

Oui oui, I guess!

The heavy sniper got vaulted?

Erm, why may I ask?

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All images courtesy of Epic Games.