A definitive roundup of the 13 most iconic moments of Love Island 2023

‘There’s never gonna be a battle… I would never go head to head with a girl for a man’

It’s actually one of the biggest injustices in reality TV history that it feels like this season of Love Island was so underwetched – because anyone who has tuned in this summer 2023 has been greeted with this show at its very best. From the arguments to the funny moments, to the twists and Scott’s one liners – this year has been golden. Now that Love Island 2023 is all done and dusted, save for a reunion on Sunday that we all know will flop, here’s a nostalgic rundown of the best moments of the series. What a summer!

1. Scott’s one liners

Many contenders here, considering he has about a million zingers in a two month period. Special shoutout goes to my personal favourite in the video above. What a perfect Islander – he has our hearts. The people’s princess, for real.


Perhaps this is one that literally only me lost my shit over, but seeing underrated queen of British pop Rita Ora go into the villa for the beach party, belt out the bops and hang a bit with the Islanders was just a magic moment. If I was there, I’d have cried Anton style.

3. Sammy kissing Gabby and Amber in the exact same spot within the space of 10 minutes

What the actual hell was going on here? Puppetmaster Tyrique sent his lieutenant on a Casa Amor mission and it caused carnage and upset for literally everyone involved. But, it was good chaotic telly. I’ll give it that.


I would go as far to say this is the greatest talent show performance in Love Island history. It’s so watchable, the lyrics are genuinely funny and well written and the vibes are off the chart. Whitney is the gift that keeps on giving. We owe the entire season to her tbh.

5. Kady arriving and dumping Molly

The returning Love Island legend twist is a bit less potent after Adam Collard did it last year, but what WAS a jaw dropping twist was Kady picking Zachariah to instantly recouple with, not knowing that that decision instantly sent The Marsh home. Albeit briefly. The show undid all the good of that shock, but in the moment… it was iconic.

6. The entire ‘selfish’ saga

It was hell seeing our girls argue, but it was iconic how much of a faff it all was. The fact both were so unrelenting on backing down that the producers had to send them off to talk it about was legendary behaviour. Whitney’s face kills me every time.

7. Zachariah getting pied by Kady and then again by Molly

If I was the sexiest man in the Love Island villa 2023 and I got pied by girls when I tried to kiss them twice in the same week I’d simply combust from cringe – for sure one of the best moments of the season though. Very humbling for our broski.

8. Ella shutting down Ella B

Love Island 2023 best moments

The fact Ella didn’t entertain the Ella B war but still shut it down and gave us all the telly we needed was amazing and she came out of it looking perfect. Arguably the greatest moment of the season.

9. Mal’s cursed heart rate cat


mal’s heart rate performance ATE!!! gay icon #malnicol #loveisland #loveislandedit

♬ original sound – joe

So bad that it actually became high camp.

10. The instant text dump apocalypse

Love Island 2023 best moments

Savage! Shocking! Brutal! So peak but so good. The fact that Whitney delivered the news was just chef’s kiss.

11. Mitchel telling Ouzy and Kady he actually wants Abi

Sorry but I actually can’t believe this happened. It was giving French farce. Kady and Ouzy were a picture.

12. Scott Vs Mitchel

Just a fight for the ages really. The way he called Mitchel a knobhead as every single person in the country was thinking it was so perfectly timed it felt like a scripted line. Masterpiece. The Grafties must never leave.


Ne-Yo sending the girlies off to Casa and Catherine screaming “Get to the fucking car”? They don’t make TV like this anymore, so make the most of it.

Goodnight Love Island 2023 – you provided us with some of the best moments, well, ever.

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