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One Day twist sadder

The One Day twist is actually even sadder when you learn Ambika Mod’s other major role

Crying all over again

I think even if you haven’t watched One Day, the book, the film and now the TV series are so notorious for their gut punch twist ending that the reveal can barely even be called a twist these days – it just lives in pop culture knowledge as something we all know happens. But the one thing no one could brace for is how if you look at Ambika Mod’s other major TV role is how it makes her twist fate in One Day as Emma even sadder.

The Netflix adaptation of David Nicholls book stays true to the book and film’s twist of Emma’s fate – and whilst the show runner for One Day on Netflix Nicole Taylor had the option to change the twist and do her own take on it, she preserved it and declared it integral to the story.

Obviously, spoiler alert, but for those who don’t know – Emma’s fate in One Day happens when she is killed in a horrific cycling accident. It’s a really hard part to watch and has huge ramifications on Dexter and the audience – as obviously we’re all rooting for them to have their happy ending after the weavings of their fate across the other episodes.

Ambika Mod also has a tragic ending for her character in her other role in acclaimed BBC show This Is Going T0 Hurt. Alongside Ben Whishaw, Ambika stars as Shruti who is working as a junior doctor under Whishaw’s Adam. Like Emma, Shruti is a fully investable character that audiences really fall in love with and root for. But after a struggle with depression and the increasing pressures of the job and the emotional trauma and baggage working on major surgeries has on her, Shruti takes her own life at the end of episode eight – having huge impact on those at the hospital that knew her as well as the audience watching.

It just makes the One Day twist even sadder when you know both of Ambika Mod’s lovable lead roles end up meeting a really sad end that neither of them deserved.

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