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Chelsea Lee Art Elphaba TikTok blocked

It’s over! Chelsea Lee Art has blocked Elphaba on TikTok after latest drama

Juicier than Eastenders

After all the drama, all the clout and of course, all the nits – Elphaba has finally left the London flat of Chelsea Lee Art and Chelsea has confirmed on TikTok Live with Evil Queen that she has now blocked Elphaba and the two aren’t friends. This ends a week of chaos that many FYP scrolling viewers have deemed on Twitter and in the comment sections of TikTok “Better than Eastenders”.

In a video taken from a Live between Chelsea Lee Art and Evil Queen, the latter says “The end result is that you can’t be friends with her maybe.” Chelsea Lee Art then replies “Well I’ve blocked her now, that’s it. I’m not interested.” Evil Queen replies “Yeah, I think it’s for the best. I thought it was a strange friendship to begin with.” CLA responds, “I told you, I was just doing it for clout.”

Evil Queen says “Yeah, I knew it anyway. You know what you’re doing on this app and people underestimate you. That’s why she brought her [Elphaba] back. She’d really had enough the first time. She sent her away but..” Chelsea says “That was the truth, absolutely. Honest truth. You know me more than anyone, Evil Queen. And that’s why I love you.”

The TikTok drama follows a fight between Evil Queen and Elphaba after Evil Queen referred to Elphaba’s genitalia and really upset her and Chelsea Lee Art blocked the latter after taking Evil Queen’s side in the fight. Elphaba ended up leaving Chelsea’s in the early hours of the morning.


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