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Matty Healy is dragging Yungblud on Instagram and it’s absolutely savage

‘I feel a bit responsible and I really am sorry’

This is the kind of drama that keeps me breathing – Matty Healy is taking the absolute piss out of Yungblud and is dragging him senseless on Instagram with a particularly savage impression.

The dragging comes after a sequence from Yungblud’s live show where he’s on a grimy toilet and sink reading, a performance art-esque moment kind of similar to what The 1975 were up to on their latest tour. Yungblud had also recently called out Matty’s widely criticised comments on a podcast appearance, so the beef was certainly brewing.

Matty posted the Yungblud tour video on his story and captioned it ‘I feel a bit responsible and I really am sorry.’

Matty then went on to do a video impersonating Yungblud, complete with emo filter, and said “Y’alright guys I’m so f*cking angry because someone’s blown themselves up in the f*cking Ukraine, and we’re not gonna stand for that ’cause we’re the f*cking children – the underrated youth f*cking generation and that’s what we stand for.

“I don’t stand for stuff, I stand against stuff and there’s not a particular thing I stand for I just stand against stuff and it tends to be the most morally obvious stuff that everyone stands for, f*ck err, the patriarchy!”

Yungblud is yet to respond to the video, but this tweet sums up the whole situation pretty well in my opinion: “I’ve just seen someone say that Matty Healy taking the piss out of Yungblud is like two NYC rats fighting over a mouldy slice of pizza.”

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