Inside the wild theory Sasha Colby is going to win Drag Race and replace RuPaul

‘When a new Supreme rises, the old one fades away…’

No one loves a theory like the Drag Race fans on TikTok, and with their latest one they’ve got American Horror Story: Coven shaking with their logic that when the new Supreme rises, the old one fades away. The theory revolves around the legendary mother that is Sasha Colby, her Drag Race season 15 ascension and achievement and RuPaul throwing in the towel. Here’s the theory of why Sasha Colby is being primed to win Drag Race and replace RuPaul as host fully explained, for the cynics AND the believers.

The theory


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The theory is well explained by TikTokkers like the above account explaining why they think Sasha Colby is going to win not only the crown, but hosting duties too. TikTok creator @allidoisdryheave explains “So in regards to the current season of Drag Race and how Sasha Colby is stomping the way we thought she would but couldn’t possibly be how it goes because why would the show be interesting and all that – there are lots of theories about the possibility that she’s being groomed to take over from RuPaul and that’s why she’s going to make it to second. And the underdog story of who she’s up against will make them more fitting for that crown.

“Here’s something I don’t think people have considered yet: Ru is going to retire soon, probably. Or at least pass the main engine of the franchise to someone else. But rather than consider a Sasha Colby win weirdly too obvious, consider the implications of RuPaul doing that. Ru would be in the twilight of her career crowning the first ever Miss Continental and Drag Race winner. Which is kind of a power move, because Miss Continental hasn’t done that.

“By crowning Sasha Colby the winner, RuPaul would essentially be giving out the biggest crown ever given out in drag and be the one to give it out. That’s an extremely Ru thing to want to do.”

How likely is it?

Considering Sasha Colby has mothered her way to become the first queen of season 15 to get two wins, I’d say likely. I can’t see a finale without Sasha, Mistress and Anetra in it – and if Sasha takes the crown she seems like a perfect candidate to take over hosting duties. She’s extremely experienced and a legend in the scene.

Surely she can’t be the only one in the ring though? Personally, I’d pass the baton to Bob the Drag Queen, who has such a love and knowledge for the franchise and an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the ins and outs of the fandom and sense of humour of the show. But Sasha would be a great choice – and it would be great to see a trans woman running the franchise.


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