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Drag Race All Stars 8 verses ranked

Ranked: Every Money, Success, Fame, Glamour verse from Drag Race All Stars 8

Mrs Kasha Davis is better than Nicki Minaj when you think about it…

Was Drag Race All Stars 8 giving us Money, Success, Fame, Glamour on episode one, when we’re getting bombarded with six verses per song, the best decision they’ve ever made? No, no it was not. Was Drag Race All Stars 8 Money, Success, Fame, Glamour one of the best verses remix tunes we’ve had in the franchise? No. No, it was not. But did it raise a few chuckles and raise a lot of divided opinion on who actually was the best? Of course it did. So, with that in mind – here’s all 12 verses from Drag Race All Stars 8 Money, Success, Fame, Glamour ranked from worst to best!

12. Monica Beverly Hillz

Poor Monica. I’ve heard whispers with more voluminous disco impact than this verse. She was nervous, it showed, it’s a shame. Wish her all the best though but don’t think she was in her element on this one.

11. Kahanna Montrese

How this verse won is beyond me – it hits my ear all wrong and when I watched the episode I was convinced she was in the bottom. Her looks slayed which perhaps boosted the win but this just isn’t a well written or fun verse in my opinion!

10. Heidi N Closet

The issue here is not Heidi’s rap skills or writing talent – she proved she could devour with that across season 12. The issue is her tone of voice and delivery just don’t suit the style of the instrumental at all and she gets swallowed up in the mix!

9. Alexis Michelle

The vibrato. Girl, the vibrato. Oh we are cringing – but the turning green line is amazing, especially if she had no clue that Idina Menzel would be watching it as well.

8. Kandy Muse

It’s no “The Muse is back, top three bitch on the track” but it’s a decent enough job. Fun lyrics, nice performance… Kandy – you’re safe.

7. Darienne Lake

After the only rap verse Darienne has ever done on the show being the iconic disaster that is “Big girl walking down the dirty street”, the only way was up. Would we cringe again? Would we laugh again? Cringe no, laugh yes – the “I’ve got my own subReddit” line was kinda magic.

6. Jessica Wild

ROSALÍA has kind of been crickets since this dropped when you think about it… I love when she does the “dinero, dinero” adlibs so much.

5. Jaymes Mansfield

I want to hate this but the silly squeaky way Jaymes opens the disco version is iconic, I don’t care. Haters will slag off her dance moves but lovers will wow at the verse. We’re ignoring the fact she says hi to mama Ru, for my own mental health.

4. Naysha Lopez

I don’t know how the OTHER Lopez didn’t get her flowers for her verse. How Kahanna placed higher than this, with its little satisfying ass slap and the pure fire if “If you don’t know my name you’ve only got yourself to blame.”

3. Lala Ri

I EAT MY CHICKEN OFF DIAMOND DISHES? Come on darling. That’s Pullitzer prize worthy.

2. Mrs Kasha Davis

Like Darienne, the notorious MKD isn’t one you’d expect to absolutely crush the challenge, but “Give me that filler PEW PEW PEW” is the highlight of the season so far and we’ll hear no more about it. And she had the best look for the challenge, sue me! There’s always time for a boptail.

1. Jimbo

Jimbo has an all over the place history with verses on Drag Race, but for All Stars 8 she gets ranked at the top for giving her best ever. The soul train opening, the stupidity but accuracy of “Shaking my tits so passionately”? That’s a winner baby. I need her to get a crown and if the first two episodes of All Stars 8 are anything to go by she’s going to get one.

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