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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 final update

Everything new added to Fortnite in today’s final update of Chapter 4 Season 2


After a delay yesterday that we still don’t know what for, Epic Games is releasing the final Fortnite update for Chapter 4 Season 2 and the leaks have already begun to tease what we’re going to be getting in this update. From skins to gameplay tweaks to the much hyped Ranked mode and the long awaited arrival of a certain Marvel skin, here’s everything new in Fortnite from the final update of Chapter 4 Season 2.


Dominating the weekly quests is this one about Miles Morales, which will inevitably be for a new collab to coincide with the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. The film and the skin!


The way we can finally do duos as Gwen and Miles just gives me that BUZZ.

New web slinger mythic

Very happy to see this back if it handles anything like the last one from the last Chapter!

Mats update

You now won’t be able to carry more than 500 of each material, but there will be a 30 per cent increase in finding mats.

Spider-Man 2099

A Miguel O’Hara skin is also in the game now too! And you thought Epic were just gonna give you Miles, huh?

Academy Champion Skins

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) May 17, 2023

Okay here’s one I’m so excited for – the Academy Champions who have been teased in Mega City since the start of the season. Not fully sure how these will work yet but from the leaks it looks like all of them have fully customisable clothing options which is SO EXCITING. I’ve been gagging for a skin like this that let’s me change up the clothing that isn’t just a meme skin or an alien.

What’s even better is the skins art style apparently have three different variants of shading, which means you can play with them in the standard Fortnite skin art style! SHAKING!

The clothing is one of the most customisable we’ve ever seen, in or out of Battle Passes.

New quest pack

The Coldest Circles quest pack has been leaked in this update, and it’s like a frosty version of the Desdemona skin already in Fortnite, a bit of a random addition for the final update of Chapter 4 Season 2 if you ask me but hey ho!

Remember the way the Chrome Punk skin, that annoying pumpkin head you see 50 of in every match, levelled up? The new skin seems to follow a similar pattern according to leakers.


As a Marigold girly til I die, having a nice random blue addition is thrilling me to my core to be honest. We will be adding to the locker!

Good visuals of new skins!

The red one!!! Take my money right now I fear.



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