The Sims Bella Goth

A comprehensive guide to the mysterious history of Sims icon Bella Goth

We need her disappearance adapted into a Netflix series

Let’s be honest: No one boots up The Sims in any of its four games to play as any of the premade Sims already there – dubbed Townies. You want to make your own Sim, make your own family, tell your own story! It’s part of the fun! But there’s one iconic exception. One Townie Sim so famous even people who don’t play the game know her name, know her face, know parts of her story. I am of course talking about the mythical Bella Goth – video game icon, The Sims legend and a Sim with a backstory so mysterious everyone debates what actually happened to her to this day. Here’s a comprehensive history to the franchise long mystery of The Sims’ Bella Goth.

Um, Bella who?

The Sims Bella Goth

The Goth family as they appear in The Sims 4 after the refresh

Bella GOTH. Bella Goth has been in every mainline Sims game. She’s different in every game in some ways, but she always has dark hair, a red dress and is just generally as beautiful as her name literally suggests. Her maiden name was Bachelor – she’s the sister of Townie Sim Michael Bachelor who’s in all games except Sims 4. In The Sims, Bella Goth is an adult, in the Sims 3 she’s a child, The Sims 4 she’s a young adult and in The Sims 2… WELL WHO KNOWS. There, dear reader, lies the mystery.

The one thing consistent about Bella Goth between the games is that she’s always a nice, friendly and well liked Sim around the town. That, and she always slays. Also, in all the games where Bella is an adult, she’s married to Mortimer Goth – hence why that’s her surname and not Bella Bachelor.

Bella and Mortimer have two children, sometimes one depending on the game. Cassandra and/or Alexander Goth. Bella’s always glam, and she usually has traits of being athletic, elegant, nice and a good vibe. She’s either got a romance aspiration or a party animal one, game dependant – and an interest in the paranormal. The Sims answer to Yvette Fielding methinks!

The infamous disappearance

In The Sims 2, Bella Goth is missing. She’s gone. Vanished. And no one has a clue what happened to her. Well, we do – but officially, she’s AWOL. Her husband Mortimer and their children Alexander and Cassandra are left – so what happened? Here’s where the rumours shake and the lore trembles…

Suspect one: Don Lothario

Witnesses place Bella Goth at Don Lothario’s house the night of her disappearance. Don is famously well, a lothario, by name and nature. Apparently, he made a move on Bella who reacted badly as they were faffing around a telescope and then Bella was abducted by aliens. Stay with me.

Suspects two and three: Nina and Dina Caliente

Nina and Dina are promiscuous gold-digging Sims who are so entangled with all the major players in the Bella Goth disappearance fiasco. At least one of them was involved with Don Lothario at one point, and Dina pursued Mortimer Goth once Bella had disappeared. To add chaos to catastrophe, they’re part alien on their dad’s side. The plot thickens!

Their bio in The Sims 2 is as follows: “Was it just coincidence that the Caliente sisters arrived on the eve of Bella’s disappearance? And is their interest in Mortimer physical… or fiscal?” This is a real drama.

Suspect four: Mortimer Goth

It’s always the husband, isn’t it? At least suspect wise – any police drama and missing person case will tell you the suspicion starts with those closest to the vanished. Some theorise Mortimer wanted Bella gone so he could make off with a Caliente… There’s also rumours that Bella just ran off!

Bella in Strangetown

On the PSP version of The Sims 2, Bella is in Strangetown. This is NOT A DRILL!

According to this game, Bella got abducted by aliens AND ran away. If you befriend her she tells you how she never actually loved Mortimer and just married him for his money. Actually a bit iconic from her.

Okay but what is the truth?

Okay, what we do know is that the real Bella Goth is buried in The Sims 3’s Lunar Lakes – there’s a grave. So that is that on that, and means that everything in The Sims 4 is actually an alternate timeline created due to various Sims’ time-travelling antics. It’s all very Doctor Who meets Multiverse of Madness.

In conclusion: The Sims Bella Goth was abducted by aliens, ran off to Lunar Lakes, and had Mathilde Goth – who lives there in The Sims 3. Bella Goth might have a confusing history shrouded in mystery, but it’s safe to say she’s never boring and is a certified Sims icon through and through.


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