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If you want your brain to melt, this viral puzzle asks you to try and spell ‘candy’ with two letters

Never felt more fuming than when I worked out the answer

The world is in a bit of a brain teaser era right now, with everyone on TikTok and Instagram gagging to test themselves on some of the hardest puzzles on the internet. One of the hardest and most frustrating is the new one which tasks you in trying to spell the word ‘candy’ with just two letters – a viral puzzle I have well and truly lost my mind over trying to work out. It started on TikTok, but a guy who spent two hours trying to resolve it on Instagram has gone viral for his funny reaction and crazy way of trying to work out how the hell you do it.



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Obviously, ‘candy’ has five letters, so the viral puzzle has you wracking your brain on how on earth you condense that down to two letters. Jordan in the video tries many methods to do this, including trying to spell the word candy in different languages and thinking he’s cracked it because he came up with ‘M&Ms’. A nice and clever guess, but not true.

Can you get it? Puzzle spoilers below, tread carefully…

The answer is…

You’re going to hit the roof now, because the answer was staring right at you for the entire time you’ve been analysing every bit of the word candy.

C and y. That’s the answer. The word and sits right in the middle of candy, leaving the two letters bookending it to be the answer. For god’s sake.

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