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Holly Valance Conservative

From popstar to Popular Conservative: Inside Holly Valance’s bizarre right wing descent

At Liz Truss’ PopCon event yesterday she backed Jacob Rees-Mogg for prime minister

Someone very perfectly surmised on Twitter / X yesterday that Holly Valance is Kylie Minogue’s ‘Wario’, a Super Mario Bros reference widely used as a term to describe someone as the negative, villainous polar opposite of the hero. Both are Australian women who began their careers starring on Neighbours, both had a pop music career and both got a lot of love from gay people. Except now, Kylie Minogue is a globally revered icon who just won her second Grammy and Holly Valance married a billionaire, pivoted hard to the right and is attending conventions ran by Liz Truss about ‘Popular Conservative’ values. Okay! But where did it all change? Who is Holly Valance and what the hell is going on with her move from popstar to Popular Conservatism?

Kiss Kiss

Holly Valance was in Neighbours, and then got a number one hit in the UK with her single Kiss Kiss – an English language cover of Turkish hit Şımarık which you will absolutely have heard blasted in every bar of every holiday you’ve ever been on. To describe Holly Valance’s pop career would be “very Mighty Hoopla” – in the sense that she had about three singles and if she followed a less right wing path she could see herself having a lovely 30 minute slot in Brockwell Park every June and get some enthusiastic gays bopping along. Alas, this did not happen.

She also then had acting roles in Prison Break and the much maligned film adaptation of the Dead Or Alive fighting game series.

Marriage to Nick Candy

In 2010, Holly Valance became Holly Candy as she married billionaire Nick Candy, with whom she has two daughters. Nick Candy made his fortune with his brother in luxury property development. Nick Candy was photographed in 2021 breaching Coronavirus lockdowns with Conservative Shaun Bailey, who was running for Mayor of London. He also was the leader of fundraising for Bailey’s campaign. In 2020, it was reported that Nick Candy donated £100,000 to the Conservative Party.

Holly Valance pictured with Nigel Farage and Donald Trump