Every ridiculous moment in Luther: The Fallen Sun that proves the film is pure nonsense

Can someone please tell me why we’re in Norway?

I had the misfortune of watching Luther: The Fallen Sun in the cinema last week. The circumstances were as follows: I was going on a date with a lad who was insisting we go the cinema, because I mentioned I go a lot. Because I go a lot, the films we could watch that I hadn’t seen were slim pickings. Choices boiled down to Ant-Man, Magic Mike’s Last Dance and What’s Love Got To Do With It – three films I’d rather stay single forever than see and then, finally, Luther. The new Luther film is a Netflix one that’s had a brief run in the pictures before going onto streaming, and having seen all the TV show I thought it was the best of a bad bunch. The date was quite good, we held hands and snogged in his car after he gave me a lift home. The film however… was not. Luther, with The Fallen Sun added to the name to let you know this isn’t just an episode of the TV show even though it feels like one, is one of the worst films of the year and these ridiculous moments prove it.

The title has nothing to do with the film

Luther The Fallen Sun is not only a ridiculous title, it’s one that is quite literally meaningless. Not one relevant part of it. Don’t just take my word for it, Radio Times interviewed the writer and director about why it was called that and the two had… no clue. No answer. Apparently it just ‘captures the essence’ of the film. Ooooookay!

Erm, how fast did Luther get put in prison?

Andy Serkis’ villainous serial killer wants Luther put in prison, presumably so Luther doesn’t arrest him. By the next scene Luther’s in jail. Okay!

The jail break

If you ever wanted to watch a film adaptation of the opening tutorial level of Saints Row 2 where the protagonist breaks out of the prison in the most ridiculous way possible – have I got the film for you! Stream Luther: The Fallen Sun for farcical antics now!

This picture is so ick

Luther always being stood on a roof

I lived in London for two years of my life and do you know what I never once did? Stand on top of a building looking out over the city whilst my grey coat billows in the wind. Is this because no one actually ever does this or because I’m not a troubled yet brilliant detective? Perhaps if I did stand angstily on various roofs I wouldn’t have left London despising the place.

Whatever the hell was happening in Piccadilly Circus

So much money was spent on this action heavy sequence and I must ask: What for? All of the people on the roof in Pic Circ are apparently to afraid of their secret coming out that they launch themselves off – but we never find out what the secret is? HELLO?  Then pray tell why we should care?

The police officer dying from a stab in the tube station

I know they tried to say this was because an artery was punctured, but Luther was stabbed about 100 times and nearly drowned but still managed to live so can we be a crumb serious please before I have an aneurysm.

Every single thing to do with David Robey and his plan

Andy Serkis’ millionaire serial killer made not a crumb of sense. We had an internal debate at The Tab when one of our team described this film as ‘unnecessarily scary’ – to which I say, you cannot be scary when your plot is so stupid and baseless. How on earth was David Robey conducting his plan – a voyeur-y chatroom where people can pay to see victims be killed. This is no novel or particularly ingenious plan in 2023 – Hostel was doing similar in the early 00s and the whole thing came off as an ill conceived episode of Black Mirror.

How was anything that was happening in this film actually taking place? Where was the logic?


Okay, why are we in Norway? Because the filmmakers wanted a snowy vista? Fair play – but get real. In Luther: The Fallen Sun characters are going to Norway and back like they’re nipping to a Tesco Express. David Robey has set up his Red Room under a derelict mansion in Norway – how is he getting his victims, of which there are hundreds including the random bunch of corpses under the icy lake, to Norway? Without anyone noticing?

Are the Norwegian authorities not suspicious of all the power going to a derelict mansion in the middle of nowhere? One so derelict and empty but still manages to have a working solitary Alexa? Give me STRENGTH.

Luther surviving

In the climax of the film, Luther and David Robey plunge into icy depths in an SUV. Robey drowns, but Luther lives. For no other reason other than that if the film makes enough money they’re going to force us to endure more of the ridiculous Luther The Fallen Sun. If that happens, dump me in the Norway lake instead please. Cheers.

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