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An ode to Anton: The unexpected mature king single-handedly saving Love Island All Stars

Never in my life did I think the man with the most growth would be Anton

When Anton Danyluk got announced as one of the cast for Love Island All Stars, the nation in chorus let out a snigger. Anton is, and I mean this nicely, a bit of a laughing stock Islander. He’s only a couple of rungs above Curtis Pritchard when it comes to his legacy being more laughs than phwoars – hardly one of the hunks who’s known for being a serious love machine. His legacy is thinking Anna is going to pick him and doing that smile and being reduced to tears by the presence of Craig David after all. And yet, against all odds and just as the series is going to pot, Anton comes through with an instantly classic Love Island moment that positions him as the best lad in the villa and honestly the only one single-handedly saving All Stars from being a total write off.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the most famous All Stars spin-off on TV, but that accolade belongs to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show’s All Stars formula sees queens come back and compete who didn’t win first time around, and a lot of those are queens who maybe came across badly or just flopped and didn’t bring their a-game. Obviously Love Island isn’t the same kind of formula, but with Anton now it feels like it is. Of all the men, he’s come on and grown up the most. He’s managed to change everyone’s perspective on him thanks to a sense of maturity and great communication skills. It’s honestly a joy to watch.

Last night, the eternally Messy Mitch and Anton came into conflict after Mitch kicked off that Anton had given some advice to Liberty, who Mitch is coupled up with. Anton was honest and correct about Mitch, but Mitch tried to argue that Anton should have said nothing to Liberty and not got involved due to “bro code”. Anton succinctly and mic droppingly said “It’s not bro code, it’s right and wrong.” Mitch gets more and more angry and called Anton a dick head, but Anton communicates like an adult and says “So you’re not looking into yourself, then? Again. If your girl comes crying to me asking for advice, I will give her advice. You’ve been together seven days and you’ve made her cry twice. Look at yourself and not at me. Be a man, not a boy.” Toby’s raised eyebrowed stunned look spoke for us all.

— Love Island (@LoveIsland) January 25, 2024

If there was anyone in that villa who was going to say exactly what viewers were thinking and talk some actual sense at Mitch, nobody would have ever previously thought it would come from Anton. But here we are. He did not stutter. Such was Anton’s power here that a lot of viewers were saying on social media they now fancy Anton. And they need to get in line. The man is mine.

I beg the female Islanders wake up and smell the Anton coffee because that is a man who is suddenly now a catch. Stop friend zoning Anton and get him some happiness, because last night he didn’t only prove he’s the greatest Islander in the Love Island All Stars villa – he proved he’s actually a catch. How can you not stan growth?

It will soon be Craig David brought to tears at the prospect of sharing a space with Anton Danyluk I fear. What a king.

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