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‘It’s devastating’: Loosey LaDuca says she was robbed of a place in the Drag Race final

‘People can call me delusional – I earned a spot in the finale’

After Loosey LaDuca bid an emotional, tear filled farwell to the competition, the season 15 RuPaul’s Drag Race queen has opened up about her elimination, her reaction and why she thinks she didn’t deserve to be told to sashay away in the first place.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after her elimination, Loosey made no bones about the fact that she felt she had been robbed, that she deserved a spot in the finale with Anetra, Sasha, Mistress and Luxx and that her exit was as devastating for her as we saw in the episode.

“I was devastated. I really was. I worked so hard, and I wanted so badly to do my absolute best in every single challenge. I never was afraid of anything, I never second-guessed anything, and I believe — and people can call me delusional — that I earned a spot in the finale. I was consistent enough and I succeeded in enough challenges that I rightfully should have made it to the finale. It was devastating.

“Filming for a very long time, you don’t have your friends, family, or phone, so you’re under this crazy amount of stress, and once you hear, “sashay away,” this floodgate of emotion that’s culminated in the many weeks of challenges hit me all at once. I remember crying from the moment she said my name until I left that Werk Room. It was devastating at the time, and it felt like I was so, so close. It wasn’t a fun feeling.”

Tensions rose between Loosey and Luxx throughout the final arc of the series too, and Loosey LaDuca said of their relationship now after Drag Race: “Luxx and I are fine. Our relationship before the Rusical episode was a little bit better. We don’t talk every day, but I’m always happy to hear from her. We still make each other laugh. It’ll be hard to forget that she doesn’t necessarily respect my drag, but I hope that she likes me as a person.

“[Regarding the makeover pairings] Luxx got the person I couldn’t quite pair perfectly with anybody, and her comments about me certainly were a factor in that. I’m not going to help her out when she insulted me in front of the judges.”

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