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Love Island All Stars ranked least

Ranking the Love Island All Stars by who was on the show the least in their original series

One All Stars Islander was only in the villa for 12 days

You’d think to be given the hallowed privilege to be in a cast of Love Island All Stars – these Islanders would have all been in the villa for ages on their original run. That’s absolutely not the case, when you look into it. I’ve had holidays longer than some of these have been on TV. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the Love Island All Stars cast, ranked by who was on the show the most to who was on it the least.

Toby and Kaz – 58 days

Toby and Kaz started Love Island season seven as day one Islanders and both were in the final. They actually started the show coupled off but it never really took off, and both hit the final dating Chloe and Tyler respectively.

Anton – 56 days

Anton was a day one Islander, but got dumped two days before the final so stayed in the villa for a total of 56 days.

Jake and Liberty – 54 days

Love Island All Stars ranked least

Jake and Liberty walked on day 54 after Liberty broke up with him. They managed 54 days – the pair were only four days off the final when they quit the show.

Georgia Steel – 43 days

Love Island All Stars ranked least

Our loyal queen was a bombshell on day four, and was dumped from the Island on day 47.

Hannah and Luis – 41 days

Hannah Elizabeth and Luis Morrison were both on season one of Love Island as day one Islanders, and got to the final which made them in the villa for 41 days. They weren’t coupled up together but had the same journey on the show. Seasons just ran shorter back then!

Callum – 38 days


Callum was a day one Winter Love Islander but got dumped on day 38, along with Molly who he’d recoupled with at Casa Amor.

Demi – 28 days


Demi entered on day 16 of series six – the first winter season. She then made it to the final, finishing in third place and doing 28 days in the villa in total.

Molly – 15 days

Love Island All Stars ranked least

Lasting just over two weeks, Molly entered the show on day 23 as part of Casa Amor. Callum chose to bring her back from the iconic twist to the main villa, and they lasted til day 38 before getting dumped. Although they obviously had the last laugh with their three year relationship!

Chris – 14 days

Love Island All Stars ranked least


Our two week king Chris was only in the villa for a short time but made a big impression. Still so surreal he was in Barbie and Margot Robbie knows who he is. He entered on day 37 and got dumped on day 52.

Georgia H – 12 days!?

Georgia Harrison was only in the series three villa for a woefully short 12 DAYS? All things considered, she’s done alright for herself. Barely time in the actual villa but a name everyone knows. She even has her own Wikipedia page – not bad for the Love Island All stars cast member ranked least when it comes to time on the show!

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