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Angelica Ross accuses Emma Roberts of misgendering her on the American Horror Story set

Angelica Ross says she never reported it because when one person did, they got ‘repurcussions’ for doing so

Emma Roberts has been accused of misgendering her co-star Angelica Ross when the two worked together on American Horror Story: 1984. Ross, who is a trans woman, called out Emma Roberts on Instagram Live, saying she also created an ‘unwelcome working environment.’

Speaking on Instagram Live, Angelica Ross says: “I’m standing in front of him and talking to her like this, she’s [Emma Roberts] in front of me, her back against the mirror. She goes, ‘John, Angelica’s being mean’ and I know she’s not being for real, she’s just being whatever, and John is like ‘Okay ladies, that’s enough, let’s get back to work.’ She then looks at me and says ‘Don’t you mean LADY?‘ and she turns around and covers her mouth but can’t see I’m looking at her deadass in the camera, like what the fuck did you just say?

“And I’m standing there looking at her trying to process what the fuck she just said. I’m standing there and she walked away. My blood is boiling. Because, I’m like, if I say something it’s going to be me that’s the problem. And I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing and they got repercussions from it. Not her, they did. So when I saw that happening, I was just like, I am done.

“I didn’t speak to her the entire time after that. We had scenes together and I never spoke to her. She could feel the energy coming off me. Don’t play me. You’ve been playing mind games with everyone on the set.”

Emma Roberts has been a main actor in American Horror Story for several seasons, and is about to star as the lead in the latest season American Horror Story: Delicate tonight.

The Tab has approached Emma Roberts’ publicist for comment on the allegations made by Angelica Ross. The Tab has also reached out to FX Networks for comment.

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