AI funko pop

Since they’re all over Twitter, here’s exactly how you can make an AI Funko Pop of yourself

Need one in my stocking this Christmas tbh

All over Twitter and Instagram right now, people are sharing AI created Funko Pop figures of themselves. If you don’t know what a Funko Pop is I’m assuming you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade, because they dominate the cultural nerd landscape and every TV show, film, comic or famous person seems to have had one made of them at this point. Well, if you aren’t famous enough to get your own then AI has got you covered – here’s exactly how you can make an AI Funko Pop version of yourself.

To do it, you need to use Microsoft Image Creator – the AI function that basically makes an image of whatever you programme it to do with a prompt. To make the Funko Pop AI there’s a very specific prompt you need to fill out. If you click this link here, the template is ready to fill out.

The prompt basically asks you to be as specific as possible and enter in all the fine details of what kind of clothing you want your figure to have, and any accessories it might be holding. You can also generate multiple versions if you aren’t really vibing with what it gives you – but honestly, it’s quite clever. I tried a few different variations and mine came out looking pretty sick every single time.

The only thing is – you need to have a Microsoft account. You can’t make your AI pic without logging in first.

Feel free to be specific with colour schemes you want as well – and it knows clothing brands. Hence mine coming out with a full North Face and Nike ensemble. Not product placement, I promise – I just never take my bloody puffer off.

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