Ok so what happens at the end of the Luther film, and why doesn’t he go back to prison?

No he isn’t becoming 007 – don’t start

The ending of Luther: The Fallen Sun keeps up the vibe set by the rest of the film – nonsense – and leaves more questions than answers as we wonder why Luther isn’t being carted back off to prison after his ridiculous jail break, and with a mysterious ‘Chief’ turning up to see him with a private army and a flash car every viewer was left wondering what the bloody hell was going on. The theories are spiralling into stupid territory, so here’s what happens at the ending of the Luther: The Fallen Sun film and who Chief is.

‘I don’t think you’re going back to prison’

Okay, if Luther isn’t can we send Neil Cross, Jamie Payne and everyone at Netflix for putting us through this? At the climax of Luther: The Fallen Sun, after a tense ending with serial killer David Robey where the latter drowned and Luther emerged pretty much fine, we see our jaded detective carted back to the UK to heal up

Luther wakes up in a facility with Martin Schenk there to tell him he won’t be returning to prison because there might be a job offer waiting for him. This is when the fleet of suits turn up with a civil servant called Tim Cranfield in the mix, who tells Luther to get in the car because ‘Chief’ wants a word.

That’s all we end up knowing.

The ending of the Luther film can be explained in several ambiguous ways – the most glaringly obvious one being that they’re keeping it open for the possibility of a sequel or another season. Some people decided to create a conspiracy theory that it’s actually Luther being called to be the next 007 and therefore leading Idris Elba into being the next Bond. God give me STRENGTH! This isn’t the case, even without factoring in the fact that Elba has said many times he doesn’t want to do it. Do you think the franchise would decide to announce the next Bond with Luther: The Fallen pigging Sun? Be serious.

Most likely, the job offer is Luther getting a license to kill and going into secret agent or spy territory, with some hints that the character is heading off into a film spin off series. That’s that really.

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