Black Mirror ranked Rotten Tomatoes

The top 10 episodes of Black Mirror, ranked by how high they score on Rotten Tomatoes

Number three is so random

Everyone has conflicting on passionate opinions on what they think the best episodes of Black Mirror are, and everyone’s ranking looks wildly different. So maybe it’s time we all concede to the professionals and accept the ranking of TV critics? No, didn’t think so. But it is interesting to look at how the critics rank Black Mirror episodes overall, and Rotten Tomatoes has compiled every episode ranked by their score on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s a quick rundown of 28 – 11 before we get into the top 10 Black Mirror episodes ranked according to Rotten Tomatoes.

28. The Waldo Moment (50 per cent)
27. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too (51 per cent)
26. Crocodile (53 per cent)
25. Mazey Day (54 per cent)
24. Men Against Fire (59 per cent)
23. Shut Up and Dance (65 per cent)
22. Smithereens (65 per cent)
21. Metalhead (69 per cent)
20. Striking Vipers (74 per cent)
19. Bandersnatch (74 per cent)
18. Black Museum (75 per cent)
17. Arkangel (78 per cent)
16. Hated in the Nation (80 per cent)
15. Loch Henry (85 per cent)
14. Beyond The Sea (85 per cent)
13. Playtest (86 per cent)
12. White Bear (88 per cent)
11. The Entire History of You (89 per cent)

10. White Christmas (90 per cent)

Black Mirror’s Christmas special still stands as one of the show’s best – dark, full of twists and a mini anthology that works way better than Black Museum ever did.

9. Hang The DJ (92 per cent)

Black Mirror ranked Rotten Tomatoes

Overrated in my opinion, and a San Junipero wannabe – Hang The DJ is one of the rare happy ending Black Mirror episodes and gets into the top 10 ranked by Rotten Tomatoes with a 92 per cent rating.

8. San Junipero (92 per cent)

Black Mirror ranked Rotten Tomatoes

A travesty this masterpiece isn’t at number one with 100 per cent. Pride Month is officially over.

7. Joan Is Awful (93 per cent)

One of the funniest episodes in Black Mirror history – Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek Pinault are the double act of dreams and I’m happy to see this romp make it into the top 10.

6. Be Right Back (93 per cent)

Black Mirror ranked Rotten Tomatoes

A proper ghost story and one that gets more sad and unnerving as AI grows within our society all these years after it debuted. Bit of a classic.

5. Nosedive (95 per cent)

Anchored by an outstanding performance from Bryce Dallas Howard, the pastel nightmare of social etiquette is an absolute Black Mirror classic and although the concept is very 2016 it’s still a deftly written and gorgeously directed episode.

4. USS Callister (95 per cent)

High concept, original, bold – deserves every bit of its top five spot. I’d have it at number two.

3. Demon 79 (100 per cent)

Black Mirror ranked Rotten Tomatoes

How this one has blagged its way to third place with a 100 per cent rating is literally beyond me. It’s an alright episode but come on darlin’.

2. Fifteen Million Mertis (100 per cent)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fifteen Million Merits is the signature Black Mirror episode. It’s the poster boy.

1. The National Anthem (100 per cent)

The original and according to the Rotten Tomatoes score, ranked as the best Black Mirror episode ever.

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