Barbie Bratz easter egg

There’s a wild Bratz easter egg in the Barbie movie and I’m shook to my plastic core

Greta Gerwig’s insane for this

Like everyone else on planet earth, this weekend I rushed to see Greta Gerwig’s live action Barbie movie – and like any film goer worth their salt, I of course did it as a double bill with Oppenheimer. Despite watching intently with a keen eye, there was one huge and iconic easter egg I completely missed until I had a scroll of my Barbie infested TikTok FYP after. I was so agog at this Barbie / Bratz easter egg I still am a bit shook it’s actually real.


So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know full well that in the 00s the rival doll range to Barbie were the Bratz dolls, attitude filled icons with bizarre proportions who mums screamed in horror at in case they corrupted a generation of children. Well, the Barbie movie throws shade at them perfectly. When Barbie goes to the real world to find the girl that’s playing with her and making her have the existential crisis she finds Sasha at school, with three attitude-filled pals. These girlies all share the same name as the Bratz dolls: Sasha, Yasmin, Cloe and Jade. Not only that, but as the above tweet shows, they look the spit of the dolls too.

Bratz also shaded Barbie back on TikTok, posting a video where the girlies implied they were off to the cinema to watch Barbie before then revealing they were actually off to see Oppenheimer instead.

I need to watch the Barbie movie to spot any easter egg as good as the Bratz one immediately.

Barbie is showing in cinemas everywhere now. 


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