The twist’s back, so here’s the Love Island All Stars ranked by who’s most likely to steal £50k

More like Georgia STEAL, am I right?

Of all the groups to let loose on the classic Love Island twist that no one has ever used, the one that gives the winning couple the chance to split or steal the £50k cash prize, having it return for All Stars is dangerous. Never has the £50k felt more likely to be stolen than with this cast, where we’re approaching the final week and not one couple seems even nearly solid enough to be winners. With that in mind, here are all the Love Island All Stars ranked by who is most likely to steal the £50k.

12. Anton

I do not think Anton has a single bone in his body capable of robbing £50k. He’s too principled. He’s NEVER do it.

11. Sophie

Honestly, Sophie is so swept away with Josh I think she could marry him tomorrow if he asked. She is not stealing a penny if she wins.

10. Molly

Again, whilst I don’t think she’s quite as unlikely as Sophie or Anton, she’s not far off. Molly is very principled and gets emotional when she sticks up for what’s right and I just don’t see her making any devious moves. She’s not a snake.


9. Jess

Whilst Jess and Callum are hardly setting any fires alight with spark, I think she really likes him and I think she’s – to be blunt – a bit too basic to steal anything. She’s no boat rocker.

8. Callum

Callum not really the thieving type, but I also think he’s not into Jess in the slightest so he could just rob the £50k and leg it. I’d forgive him.

7. Arabella

Arabella is pretty down bad for Adam, but she also gets down bad for literally everyone so – maybe she’ll get over it and rob the 50k. Who knows. The drinks in venues where she schmoozes with Leonardo DiCaprio must cost a fair bit.


6. Tom

Tom a hard one to place. Could go either or. I actually feel like he would WANT to steal 50k, but wouldn’t want to rock the boat.

5. Josh

Tom a hard one to place. Could go either or. I actually feel like he would WANT to steal 50k, but wouldn’t want to rock the boat.

5. Josh

I hate to say it, but Georgia H isn’t into Anton that much and I can see her nabbing the 50k. It doesn’t fully seem in her nature but if Casey’s dead grandad came back and told her to take it, she would definitely be stealing. So… Make of that what you will.

3. Adam

It’s not that I think Adam would necessarily steal the Love Island All Stars 50k, but it’s more the fact I don’t know this man AT ALL. Not because he’s new to the villa, but because I cannot read him. He feels impenetrable. And potentially like a thief.


2. Toby

Devious to his core. Unpredictable. If he switches up on recouplings, he can switch it up and steal. I do not trust Georgia or Toby, and I don’t think they trust each other either.

1. Georgia S

The S stands for Georgia Steal, not Georgia Steel. You can practically see the cha-chin glimmering under that fringe in her eyes. If she really thought it was going to go somewhere with Toby they’d have stayed together after Love Island games. Theft looms.

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