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Love Island Games where to watch

We need answers! How and when do we watch Love Island Games in the UK?

I need Curtis being cringe on my screen once more

Yesterday, Love Island Games got its announcement – and amongst all the excitement for an admittedly stacked cast came even more confusion. What the hell is this show? Where is Love Island Games airing? Are they there for love or games? And most importantly – when is it actually starting? There were more questions than cast mates. Fear not, though – here’s a quick rundown of what we know about Love Island Games so far and where to can watch in the UK.

Erm, what is Love Island Games?

Okay, so from what I can gather, Love Island Games is a spin-off in Fiji that brings together Islanders from all across the globe to compete for a prize, with Maya Jam as the host. They’re competing in challenges whilst also trying to get an emotional connection on the go, apparently. There’s 10 American Islanders, four Australian, one each from France, Germany and Sweden and then nine from our Love Island in the UK.

The Islanders we’ve got repping us are Megan Barton-Hanson, Eyal Booker, Curtis Pritchard, Georgia Steel, Liberty Poole, Scott Van-der-Sluis, Toby Aromolaran, Mike Boateng and Jack Fowler.

When does it start and how the hell do we watch in the UK!?

Love Island Games is starting on November 1st on Peacock in the US, and whilst there’s no official word of when we’re getting it in the UK yet I can imagine it will come pretty soon after, and ITVX presumably being where to watch. They won’t want to miss the momentum of the show and have it spoiled if it doesn’t air here soon after there.

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