Um, Sasha Colby has confessed she piddled on the Drag Race main stage during season 15

‘I could not hold my pee in’

Season 15’s RuPaul’s Drag Race frontrunner Sasha Colby has confessed that she Christened the main stage with her own urine during the season, and honestly, werk.

The accident occurred during the lip sync between Spice and Salina EsTitties earlier in the season. Remember when Luxx told Sasha she “literally peed” all over the stage? That wasn’t hyperbole, the iconic queen genuinely let loose with her wee on the main stage as her bladder couldn’t hold it any longer.

Sasha told EW for their podcast: “I won, right, and Luxx goes, ‘Girl, you peed on that stage tonight,’ and that’s why I said, ‘Why don’t you soak some of this up so you can get another win?’ Because I could not hold my pee in, and I was like, I’m going to have to pee!”

Obviously Drag Race episodes take a long time to film, and queens are stood around in full geish for a while – Sasha Colby said she literally was DESPERATE. Luxx was the only one who clocked the escaping pee and called Sasha out on it the next episode, whilst Sasha said she was “literally holding on for dear life.”

Jaida Essence Hall can retire her beauty pageant piss story now – she’s not alone. Beautiful, glamorous drag queens have to wee on TV sometimes too.

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