Jennifer Lawrence characters quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Jennifer Lawrence character matches your vibe

She mothered so hard as Mother

The Lawrence is having an era. I mean, she’s kind of never NOT having an era, but still. With No Hard Feelings this year reminding us just how funny Jennifer Lawrence is, I sat back and had a good little wow over all the amazing roles she’s had in her career so far. She’s arguably the definitive actress of the 2010s – an acclaimed a-lister who barely ever stopped working. Throughout the decade, Jennifer Lawrence has given us so many different iconic characters, so of course you need to as a matter of urgency take this quiz and find out which of her roles is best aligned to your overall vibe. It’s just science.

Whether you’re more Katniss Everdeen, Tiffany Maxwell or the nameless and titular Mother from, well, Mother – there’s a Jennifer Lawrence role for you. And we can’t all be Mystique. Take the quiz below to find out which of the Jennifer Lawrence characters actually matches your overall vibe. Don’t blame me if you don’t get what you want… Blame science.

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