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MAFS UK Arthur's birthday

The MAFS UK cast went out for Arthur’s birthday this weekend and the pics are a vibe

Why is JJ wearing a vest may I ask?

Despite the fact MAFS UK ended last week on a near-apocalyptic level of drama and fighting, this weekend the cast put it all aside for a huge night out to celebrate Arthur’s birthday and the pictures are honestly an absolute vibe. After all the fighting of the last few weeks, it’s so good seeing the cast enjoy each other’s company and have a laugh! All and sundry came out to celebrate Arthur, with Ross, Terence, Peggy, Georges, Tasha, Jay, Luke, JJ and even Sophie and Adrian from 2022 out in force. Here’s a quick look through the entire night in pictures as the MAFS UK cast hit up Koba in London to celebrate Arthur’s birthday.

Let’s start with what Arthur put on, AKA the blurriest picture ever.

The full MAFS gang out in force.


Nah, why is the blur such a vibe? Standing so hard. Why has Georges got a wooden cane? We’ll never know. JJ’s vest is sending me.

This one is actually so cute I’m obsessed.

The below is the most random trio ever, but I’m low key here for it.


Rozz was so main character in every pic of the night and I love that for her.

This one was captured before JJ stripped down to a white vest for Arthur’s birthday MAFS UK night out I see…


Peggy was also killing it, and posted a getting ready video. I bet Georges was crushing so bad.

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