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It’s official: These are the singers we buy the most overpriced tat merch from

Lana Del Rey could flog me anything tbf

Are you someone who spends ages battling through the queues to get your hands on some extortionate merch at a gig? Personally, I’m not: Although when I went to see Madonna at the O2 last year I did drop 40 quid on a t-shirt. It’s Madonna, for god’s sake – and she had a pop up shop with some of the best merch I’ve seen from an artist. It was seminal! But generally, no. Turns out though I’m pretty alone in my neutral stance, because merchandise is extremely lucrative. According to some research compiled by Pens which studied how much people are searching for music artists merch within the last year, here’s the most popular merchandise in the world.

10. SZA (87,315 searches)

The Kill Bill singer takes 10th spot as most searched merch. There are definitely some vibey t-shirts on offer in the mix to support her tour of acclaimed second album, SOS.

9. Morgan Wallen (90,262)

Never underestimate how HUGE white male country music is in America. Damn.

8. Drake (99,455)

Next up is Drake, who has a lot of merch because he makes an album a year and never stops bloody touring.

7. Travis Scott (101,362)

This handy video shows one of the most popular music merch everyone’s after is that of Travis Scott – and to be fair, I’m barely even a fan but those vibey t-shirts would lure me in for a purchase.

6. The Weeknd (104,365)

— Odd Future: Fan Page (@OddFuturePage) February 8, 2022

That bomber jacket … I see it. I see it, you guys.

4. Metallica (111, 527)

One for the heavy old dads I guess. Rock on!

3. Lana Del Rey (157,377)

My girl, my queen. Admittedly I have been a purchaser of Lana Del Rey merchandise – especially when I was younger. These top three all have a rabid fanbase.

2. Harry Styles (161,537)

Again, name a more feral fanbase than Harry Styles. The Love on Tour tour went on for what felt like two endless years and the hoodies and logos were deffo a vibe. No shocks here from me.

1. Taylor Swift (596,195)

If you ever need confirmation of how famous Taylor Swift is, she has the most popular searched for music merch in the entire world and she more than doubles what was searched for Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey. Truly insane.

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