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Mourn the end of Happy Valley with these 22 iconic behind the scenes cast pictures

They’re all family to me (except Neil)

Happy Valley finally ended last year, after three seasons that brought the nation together in Catherine Cawood celebrating unison for almost 10 years. In the end, writer and creator Sally Wainwright chose hope, strength and happiness for our lead sergeant, and the result was a finale that packed an emotional punch. We’ve been with these characters a long time, and these behind the scenes photographs of the production of Happy Valley have honestly made me so emotional – so I rounded up my favourites for a nostalgic scroll through the greatest TV show of a generation.

1. Ashley’s up at farm!

2. I still think I could fix Lewis Whippey if he gave me half a chance x

3. The lads! This feels like forever ago honestly

4. They look like babies!

5. Rhys Connah was so young as Ryan back in season one

6. Ann Gallagher slay alert!

7. Tommy Lee Royce giving some Tommy Lee Vibes here

8. Our special FX king

9. No this is actually too cute I’m gonna sob


10. Not Ar Ann getting the bally on!

11. RIP Kristen McAskill!!!

12. Is that a stunt double king I spy!

13. Big group read through vibes

14. The way she never came back in the end


15. Hang it in the National Portrait Gallery immediately

16. Try not to say daddy challenge

17. Omg the full gang

18. Sarah Lancashire an eternal icon

Happy Valley behind the scenes

19. Get off her Neil

Happy Valley behind the scenes

20. A Sarah selfie!!!

21. I’m sobbing, the cute little heart


If you enjoyed these Happy Valley behind the scenes pics and miss the show already, Happy Valley seasons one to three are available to stream now on BBC  iPlayer.

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