All 44 songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour setlist, definitively ranked from worst to best

I won’t rest until she adds Maroon and makes it 45

When Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour, one could not help but wonder how the hell one of the most prolific and commercially successful artists of all time was going to condense her vast catalogue of fan faves and mega hits into a comprehensive journey through her career. The answer? A 44 song beast of a show that sees Taylor perform for over three and a half hours. Not everything amazing could qualify, but the songs that did are, in my opinion, pretty immaculately compiled. Well, almost. Here’s all 44 Taylor Swift songs in the Eras Tour setlist ranked!

44. Vigilante Shit

I know it’s fresh from the new album, but this song is TERRIBLE.

43. You Need to Calm Down

Look, at least it’s not ME! So let’s celebrate that.

42. Bad Blood

One for the locals!

41. …Ready For It?

Probably the first song on my Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist ranked that will have Swifties putting my head firmly on their spike, but this song is absolute trash apart from its pre chorus. Never liked it, never will! The Vigilante Shit of Reputation.

40. Midnight Rain

James Charles ruined this one for me. 

How this qualified for the Eras Tour setlist out of some of the Taylor Swift songs on Midnights, aka MAROON, is my 9/11.

39. Shake It Off

CBBC music.

38. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

One of the worst song titles of all time, but a Lana Del Rey circa Born to Die tinged banger that I’m actually very fond of. Not sure how essential it is for a greatest hits tour, though.

37. Enchanted

Completely overblown and melodramatic and a bit Disney Channel, its inclusion as the only song from Speak Now makes sense considering its viral TikTok status but it being the only representation from that era over songs way better than it is a bitter pill to swallow.

36. The Man

A pop bop that thinks it’s really clever but is just a liccle bit corny!

35. Tim McGraw

The only representation from her self titled debut album! Aaaaand it should have been Our Song or Teardrops On My Guitar and we all know it!

34. Mastermind

That swirling opening synth… Special! Very special.

33. Marjorie

I, like every other Taylor Swift fan on earth, was braced for the worse showing from Evermore on this tour – and I’m overjoyed to see it represented well. Marjorie is a gorgeous song that deserves its time to shine, but my god do I wish this was Gold Rush. Or, the best and most underrated tune ever: Right Where You Left Me!!!!

32. Look What You Made Me Do

The Reputation lead single is much maligned, but I think it’s time everyone opens their heart to the nonsense and accepts it’s actually a gargantuan banger. Why? CAUSE SHE’S DEAD!! Imagine the crowd screaming that at the Eras Tour.

31. Invisible String

The moment I heard any song from Folklore live at this tour I would turn into woodland dust and evaporate into the sky.

30. Fearless

But wow what a moment. What an era. What a title track.

29. Illicit Affairs

RIP to the person next to me when I scream “🗣 DON’T CALL ME KID. 🗣🗣 DON’T CALL ME BABY!”

28. My Tears Ricochet

Any song with the word ‘ricochet’ featuring so heavily is, by default, incredible.

27. Mirrorball

By the time I heard the shamltzy whirls of Mirrorball live I’d honest to god be ascended so highly to another plain of existence that I would not be able to be held responsible for my euphoric actions. Who needs drugs when this song literally exists.

26. 22

The way this silly little pop banger changed the nothingness of the age you turn after the oomph and importance of 21? The Swiftian impact of being able to have the power of turning an age no one gave a shite about seminal… Wow.

25. Bejeweled

One of the most gorgeous and joyous tunes on Midnights – happy to see the whole place shimmer when this comes on!

24. The Archer

One of the biggest and foolish mistakes of my entire existence was thinking The Archer was shit when it first came out… Worms for brains for me in 2019. Severe grips needed to be got. A Swift-Antonoff masterpiece in patience and mood setting.

23. Willow

The second descent into the Folklorean woods was the kind of surprise release that human beings can never recover from – and Willow, with all its village of witchery energy, is the perfect lead single. Catch me and all the girlies in fire circles of sorcery at the Eras Tour for real.

22. Style

We’ve all been down bad about Harry Styles, just not all of us are talented enough to write a pop song this masterful about it.

21. Cruel Summer

This song not being the biggest, the leadest and the smash hittiest tune from Lover is every Swiftie’s biggest torment. An immaculately constructed epic from the writing minds of Taylor, Jack and ST VINCENT!! The growl on Tay’s voice when she says devil? Christina Aguilera never recovered.

20. Don’t Blame Me

My friend Molly who I have a very shared Swift kinship with hates this song so much and it’s a cause of much contempt for me in our friendship. I LOVE its villainous drama and flair – Don’t Blame Me and I Did Something Bad are like the crux of Reputation for me.

19. Lavender Haze

The production of this song scratches the g spot in my ear. Sorry to be lewd, but it’s true. Bit of blue for the dads!

18. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

An era defining lead single that made us all push the lenses out of the 3D glasses you got from the cinema. “I moustache you a question” core at its finest and a seminal Swift masterclass in petty… I love it.

17. Champagne Problems

I feel like this song is one of those perfect, conventional, straight forward Taylor Swift songs that does everything you want it to do absolutely immaculately. The middle eight is heaven on earth.

16. Tolerate It

Simply one of the greatest songs ever written, period.

“I break free and leave us in ruins?Took this dagger in me and removed it?Gain the weight of you then lose itBelieve me, I could do itIf it’s all in my head, tell me nowTell me I’ve got it wrong somehowI know my love should be celebratedBut you tolerate it.”

Come on now.

15. ‘Tis the Damn Season

Perhaps a personal affinity for this one here, but not many Taylor Swift songs feel so deftly written for relatable moments of my life returning to my small hometown at Christmas and sleeping with someone I probably shouldn’t but who just feels familiar when the weather’s cold and the need for attention and affection is high.

14. Karma

Forget the naysayers who hate that Karma is a cat purring on the lap of Taylor Swift, I am ECSTATIC that it’s in the Eras Tour setlist because it is getting ranked this high not only for its sky high fun factor, but because it has one of the most delicious chorus melodies in her entire discography.

13. I Knew You Were Trouble

When Taylor Swift introduced dubstep to the mainstream thanks to a dirty little drop on this absolute banger, it was what people  these days would proclaim as a cultural reset. The meme of the goat that replaced the sound in the chorus? Timeless medieval internet laugh.

12. The Last Great American Dynasty

I will never tire of this theatrical masterpiece in storytelling that unfolds to you like a pop up book – rarely ever has her songwriting been more visual. She makes you feel like you went to the charming if a little gauche wedding, she makes you feel like you walked the halls of holiday house.

11. Betty

A teen film in under five minutes. We are not worthy.

10. Anti-Hero

I truly believe every hater of this song is living in a different timeline to me, because every little thing in the composition of Anti-Hero is perfect to me. The writing goes from the poetic wonder of “Did you hear my covert narcissism I disguise as altruism” to the much maligned but misunderstood “sexy baby” in seconds, the Antonoff production is well and truly Antonoffing and it’s just quite simply one of her best and biggest hits ever. I will stan it with my last breath!

9. Love Story

The first Taylor Swift song I ever heard, and still one of the greatest songs of the 00s. And maybe ever! Shakespeare 2.0.

8. You Belong With Me

I always toy with which song I think is better out of Love Story and this, and today I think Belong just edges it. It’s one of those songs that every singer hopes to pen: An anthem that every person of a certain age belts every single word out at the top of their lungs when it comes on in the car.

7. Lover

If I go the quirky route, I will have So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings by Caroline Polachek as the first dance song at my wedding. If I go traditional, it will be Lover. That’s how perfect and romantic this song is!

6. Cardigan

Folklore changed the trajectory of my life forever and Cardigan IS Folklore. The bridge is honestly the peak of Taylor Swift songwriting. Folklore means so much to me that hiring this as part of the Eras Tour setlist would make me stan Taylor Swift more than ever before and I can’t believe that there are so many amazing songs that it’s not even ranked top five. Her power.

5. Wildest Dreams

What an absolute BEAST. “Even if it’s just in YO-uR!” … vocals peaked.

4. August

The absolute best song on Folkore bar none. Every person on earth should have to listen to it once a day for the entire month of August, and I’m ever given a crumb of power in this life rest assured I will make that compulsory.

3. Delicate

Even the most vehement haters of Reputation shut up pretty quickly when they hear Delicate, the shining jewel of that album with delicate electropop that Robyn would be proud of. It’s honest, vulnerable and just wonderful. Stone cold classic.

2. Blank Space

The best pure POP song Taylor Swift has ever written. End of.

1. All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

The way Taylor Swift doubled the length of her best song and doubled its potency and importance is no mean feat, and the fact it is being performed in its entirety during the Eras Tour makes it the shining jewel of the setlist and the best song ranked here with ease. Probably the best song that will ever be released in my lifetime, a statement that sounds like hyperbole but I truly believe may be the case. Wow.


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