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Um, Courtney Act says RuPaul once emailed asking her to be lead singer in Ru’s band

RuPaul’s had Courtney Act blocked on social media since 2015

Courtney Act, Drag Race season six icon and winner of Celeb Big Brother here in the UK, spilled on a podcast with fellow Drag Race legend Katya about the queen mother of drag RuPaul herself once emailing Courtney and asking her to be in a band with her. The most random anecdote ever, but one that’s making the Drag Race fandom lose their shit – especially considering that RuPaul an Courtney Act are famously not on good terms.

‘G’day Courtney…’

Speaking with Katya on her podcast, Courtney explains: “RuPaul’s email back in the day used to be on back in the year 2003, and it was like I sent an email to that address and then Ru replied ‘G’day Courtney, I think you’re the bees knees.’ She said ‘I love what you’re doing’ and she said ‘I’ve just started doing this show called Drag Race. If it’s successful it will give me the cash I need’ – she wanted to start a drag band, a live singing drag band.

“I swear I’m not making this up but as I’m saying it it sounds so unbelievable, but it was like ‘Of course you’d be the lead singer.”

It’s a funny twist of events, and Katya is also as gagged as fans watching it. RuPaul and Courtney Act are famously not on good terms, with Ru blocking Courtney on Twitter several years ago.

Last year, speaking to OK magazine about her situation with RuPaul, Courtney Act said “He is an icon, I grew up loving RuPaul, he doesn’t have to be friends with me. I was on his television show and I have got this amazing career that definitely jumped off from that, but I think there is some hypocrisy. Every episode he says, “Everybody say love,” “I am your family,” but that is something that I didn’t feel. I still love watching Drag Race – I just separate that experience.”

With all that aside, I’d still go MAD to see Courtney and RuPaul in a band together.

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