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MAFS UK Nathanial smoking

Nathanial from MAFS UK seen with cig and vape despite kicking off over Ella smoking

Nathanial previously said his one request for his MAFS partner was a non-smoker

Nathanial from MAFS UK 2023 kicked off massively because Ella, his bride on the show, was a smoker – but now a video has emerged of Nathanial with a cigarette in his mouth and then later on vaping on Brad Skelly’s Instagram story.

During the series Nathanial was matched by experts with Ella, who is the show’s first transgender bride, but he has now claimed he told bosses when describing his ideal match that he didn’t want to be with someone transgender. He said he also made it clear he didn’t want to be matched with a smoker or someone who had worked in the sex industry. He said Ella smokes, and we saw him shout at her that she was once a stripper, on the show.

In the above video, which is at Alton Towers and shows Brad, Nathanial, Paul and Tasha hanging out at Scare Fest. In the video, embedded above, Nathanial is seen around the table with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth – despite the fact in his tell all interview with The Mirror he claimed whoever the experts paired him with his only request was they don’t smoke (or are a sex worker).

The above screenshot shows the cigarette in Nathanial’s mouth. Later on he has vape coming out of his mouth. It’s all very suspicious considering Nathanial kicked off so much about Ella being a smoker, and demanded his MAFS UK partner wasn’t one despite the fact he does himself.

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