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‘Ashley look at me!’ Where the TikTok audio you can’t escape is actually from

The vibes between the origin and the TikToks could not be more different

My TikTok FYP is currently absolutely filled with the viral audio “Ashley look at me”. Or to be more accurate, it’s “ASHLEY! Look! At! Me!” The audio usually comes being used with a slick makeup transition or an outfit reveal, or some creators use it to intro a dance moment. But where is the “Ashley look at me” TikTok audio before it went completely viral and before it began to take up a permanent residency rent free in your head? Got you covered.

If you haven’t watched The Boys, this is your sign to start

So, the sound is taken from a scene in The Boys, the Amazon show about a corrupt bunch of famous superheroes lead by Homelander. Homelander is a hero to the public, but in reality he’s a sadistic narcissist who’s killed many in attempts to maintain his image and his power. He’s truly a harrowing villain but he’s absolutely thrilling to watch.

In the clip where the sound is taken from, Homelander is shouting at Ashley – who is the new replacement for Madelyn as head of Vought – the company who look after the Seven superheroes. When she introduces a blind javelin throwing replacement for Translucent, who died the season before, Homelander boxes the replacement in the ears which makes him deaf and blind. He’s in pain on the floor when Homelander barks at Ashley in the viral audio.

Here are some TikTok’s using the audio – which comes from a fan cam made of Homelander and features a supercut of clips from The Boys.


New spider hoodie #spidergwen #acrossthespiderverse



Get ready with me 🙂 Ib: @Lucia Liu #transition #grwm #happykelli

♬ LOOK AT ME – sanika • skywvker


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